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Pure Delta 8 THC Products Online Store

Author: Grayson Garcia
by Grayson Garcia
Posted: Nov 12, 2022
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We are a USA-based Delta 8 Store with Pure Delta 8 THC products, including gummies, disposable vape pens, and infused hemp pre-roll. Check out our selection of Delta 8 THC online.

Are You In The Know?

What is In The KnΔW? Is it good to be In The KnΔW? How do you KnΔW when you’re In The KnΔW? What do you need to do to be In The KnΔW? Where do you have to venture to be In The KnΔW? And what will happen to you once you are actually In The KnΔW?

That’s an awful lot to unpack right there, isn’t it you ask? So, just sit tight friend, we’ll get there. Together. But for now, keep scrolling down and see what all the fuss about Aurochs Farms is about.

But first, welcome to the Aurochs Farms Delta 8 Store! At this shop, you may order all of your Delta 8 needs, directly from Farmer Aurochs himself!

Whether you are looking for edibles, vapes, smokeables or other products, you can find them, the highest quality of their kind, right here in our Aurochs Farms store.

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp, and its derivatives such as Delta 8 THC products, are legal, easily ordered and shipped directly to your door. A wonderful way to avoid the high prices, long lines and lack of KnΔWledge at the dispensaries.

This products provide wonderful effects whether you consume it via smoke, beverage, edible, vape, pill and/or other forms with which these Delta 8 THC products may take shape.

At Aurochs Farms, we process our finest farmed hemp biomass into delectable Delta 8 THC products for your safe enjoyment.

Now, You’re a Bit More In The Know!

The Pure Delta 8 THC extracted from our hemp biomass is then processed into the highest quality pure Delta 8 THC products available on the market today! In fact, we challenge you to compare our products to anything you are currently consuming.

We Know you’ll love the difference and that Aurochs Farms’ pure Delta 8 THC will be your new go-to choice.

Combining the best of brick and mortar stores with the finest e-commerce processes Known, buying Delta 8 THC online has never been easier: you order, we pack, ship and get it delivered to your home.

To my home? Yes. So easy, isn’t it? So visit the Aurochs Farms Delta 8 THC online store today for great selection, price and it’ll be at your doorstep before you Know it!

Starting to feel more In The KnΔW?

It all began with a few friends and private clients taking advantage of Farmer Aurochs’ Knowledge of what constitutes well-grown hemp, his technology prowess vis a vis improving what is out there for both yield and consistency purposes, as well as his passion for making only the finest products for his small community of friends and family. But after hearing that these products were too good and needed to be brought to the public, repeatedly, over and over at barbecue’s, parties, community gatherings, political events, festivals and family holidays, he relented and sought to build a facility large enough to accommodate the needs of the masses.

Stradling the border between Kentucky and Illinois, where some of the finest farmland in the country exists, Aurochs Farms also operates a food-grade facility in Metropolis. You Know, the home of Superman! There, our passionate team, carries out Farmer Aurochs’ vision of making highly pure, highly potent hemp-derived products for everyone to enjoy. We process, package and ship to you so all you must do is decide what it is you want the Farmer and his team to process, pack and deliver to your door!

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Aurochs Farms story begins with a quest for excellence not found elsewhere; With making products that we would be proud to serve up to our own friends and family; That are only available to you after constantly being told to make it available.

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