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Delta 8 Sun Rocks THC

Author: Grayson Garcia
by Grayson Garcia
Posted: Nov 12, 2022
rocks thc

Buy the best quality of sun rocks THC at Aurochs Farms. Delta 8 Sun Rocks is available in 1 gram, and Delta 8 Sun-Rocks 3.5 grams Citrus Flower, CBG Platinum Kief, Delta 8 oil COA


Are You In The Know?

It sounds great! Very outer space. Conjures up images of time and space. So, what in the devil are delta 8 sun-rocks THC? Well, sit back and check out this story. It’s not just a story about delta 8 sun rocks THC.

It’s a story of product innovation. It’s a story about hemp. It’s a story about THC. It’s a story about combinations. It’s that age-old story of great tastes going great together (and great feelings, too!).

So the simple answer is; it’s what you get when you cross a flower with oil and roll it in a knife! It’s a delectable smoking experience and delta-8 sun rocks THC pack a nice punch you are sure to want to enjoy again!

It’s the crème de la crème that flower consumers have been hoarding at dispensaries for years. And it’s here, better than theirs, for a lot less cost to provide one of the best smoking experiences one can have with THC products.

At Aurochs Farms, it’s about perfection. Or as near as we can get to it. With everything we do. From working with farmers, to growing our own aeroponic hemp, to processing that hemp into sun-rocks THC, packaging and shipping direct to you, Farmer Aurochs and his team also set about to push things forward. Everyday.

These are not like those ones that proliferate every dispensary and appear as yet another way to charge high prices. At Aurochs Farms, we strive to grow and process products that we ourselves would want to consume, at a price that is a lot less than what the dispensary offers. And we ship it directly to your door!

So like with everything else we do, whether you use our sun-rocks THC or you prefer another consumption method, a wonderful Aurochs Farms experience is sure to follow.

It feels like you are beginning to be more In the Know!

Because of the nature of our more advanced delta-8 THC processes, Aurochs Farms creates an oil with a thicker viscosity than most and thus it better binds to the flower that is dipped in it. Oh, and our kief; Deliciousness from the finest edges of the hemp plant. Smooth, tasty and delightful.

Aurochs Farms, under the same high-quality control standards used for all our Aurochs Farms products, takes only the highest quality cropped, dried hemp plants to process; we process it ourselves, in our own facility. We do this so we may control the entire process and provide you with the best delta-8 THC experience you can find.

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Aurochs Farms story begins with a quest for excellence not found elsewhere; With making products that we would be proud to serve up to our own friends and family; That are only available to you after constantly being told to make it available.

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Author: Grayson Garcia

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