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What are the Different Types of Bathroom Basins

Author: Riki William
by Riki William
Posted: Nov 21, 2022
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Every home has a washbasin in different shapes and sizes which is sued for different purposes. They can be placed either inside the bathroom or outside depending on the available space. The washbasins present inside the bathroom are also called bathroom basins. In older days, the basins were quite simple. But today, you can be able to see the trendiest basins in the market with different designs. The design of your bathroom basins is to be stylish and attractive in order to make an elegant look to your bathroom.

Different Types of Bathroom Basins:

Wall Mounted:

The wall-mounted basin is a type of bathroom basin that uses a sturdy body made to hang on the wall in your bathroom. This type of basin is a great choice for fitting in a smaller space. They dint touch the floor of your bathroom and create an illusion of greater space. Wall-mounted basins are one of the most common bathroom basin designs which is fitted with a chrome-plated bottle trap underneath or with a white ceramic semi-pedestal. This type of basin is more popular among homeowners because it is very easy to clean.

Pedestal Basins:

This type of basin is made with a ceramic pillar that is attached to the sink basin. In this type, the basin is fully covered and installed on the floor and the pedestal is used to hide the pipework. Pedestal basins are suitable for areas that may feel a little cramped. This basin gives an excellent look and it doesn’t allow any spaces for extra storage.

Corner Basins:

Corner basins are similar to wall-mounted basins and they are designed for the corner of a room. These basins have been designed to fit into a right-angle corner. This type of basin is suitable for smaller bathrooms where there is only limited space is available. Corner basins are available in both wall-mounted and floor-standing types.

Countertop Basins:

They are also known as sit-on bowls or vessel basins. Countertop basins are installed on the top of a worktop and are paired with basin taps. This basin gives a very charming look to your bathroom. They are not built for distinct purposes like space-saving, so these types of basins are available in plenty of sizes, shapes, colors, designs, and finishes.

Under Counter Basins:

Under-counter basins are installed under your countertop. In this type, the edge of the counter covers the entire rim of the sink’s body. This gives a clean look and is very easy to clean. Under counter basins are having complex installation than the other types.

Semi-Recessed Basins:

This type of basin is a great choice for its slim, galley-style bathrooms. It has a combination design between fully recessed and countertop basins. The sink of this basin is mounted on the unit, but it doesn’t fit into the countertop fully and protrudes slightly at the front.


Choosing the perfect basin for your bathroom can be a difficult task because of the wide variety of choices available in the market today. From the above, you can get a piece of detailed knowledge about the type of bathroom sinks. This helps you to choose the suitable one for your bathroom wisely without wasting your hard-earned money.

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