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How Gupoff works and how it makes money?

Author: John Jeffery
by John Jeffery
Posted: Nov 24, 2022

How does gopuff make money?

GoPuff is a famous consumer goods and food delivery business based in the United States that has been operational since 2013.

GoPuff provides more than 3000 products. The products that can be ordered include personal care products, pet products, home essentials, smoking accessories, snacks, over-the-counter medications, alcoholic drinks, frozen foods, ready-to-eat meals, and non-alcoholic drinks.

The regions covered by GoPuff include Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, Denver, Phoenix, Nashville, Houston, Milwaukee, Kansas City, Orlando, and Washington, DC.

Since the last decade, it has been one of the most successful online delivery businesses. What made them grow so much is their on-demand delivery service. This article will give you insights if you know about them but don't know their business model and how they make money.

How actually the GoPuff makes money?

The answer is money by product markups, charging delivery fees, collecting subscription fees for its membership program, and vending customers' data to brands for advertisements.

Among American cities, the on-demand delivery system has become a vital component. Most people love the high levels of convenience experienced when using delivery apps such as, Uber Eats, and Lyft.

Now, GoPuff is one of the emerging delivery companies in the US with the agreement of providing convenience to all customers. In such a scenario, the GoPuff drivers take on the deliveries, and the platform has become a flexible gig that can provide extra income if you have your vehicle.

Revenue Resources for GoPuff:-

  1. Delivery Fees:-

Customers who order products on GoPuff pay the standard delivery fee of $1.95, and the firm states that it doesn't hike or surge the prices.

GoPuff drop-ships alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, liquor, and hard seltzer for consumers above 21 years in most cities. All the orders having alcohol are additionally charged the delivery fee of $2.


A membership program is designed by GoPuff, called GoPuff Fam, in which the consumers receive many benefits, such as not paying the delivery fees for all the orders and various discounts.

So in such a scenario, the consumers are expected to pay the monthly subscription fee of $ 5.95.

Companies use this membership program to attract customers who use their platform usually. As the customers make the monthly subscription, they feel compelled to use it by ordering more products.


GoPuff sells the preferred product placements to various brands that desire to promote their products on this platform. They have hired professional product managers who deals with the millions of orders are made by the customer monthly, a valuable idea to many brands is advertising on the GoPuff platforms.

They also sell anonymous customer data related to the products they are advertising. In such cases, the anonymous data include how frequently the customers buy a specified product, the demographic involved and when the product will be purchased by the customers again.

A noteworthy example of this includes NightFood, an ice cream start-up that paid approximately $600,000 to get the precedence placement on their app. Under the contract, GoPuff offers insights to start-ups on the people buying their ice cream and the time they like to buy it.


Compared to the other delivery companies, GoPuff varies as it buys, stores and sells its products using its inventory. The company makes more money by selling its products to customers directly after their markup is determined.

So in other contexts, the difference between the selling price and additional costs, including the purchase and product storage, includes the profit the company is making.

So this model is viewed by more investors to be more lucrative.

As GoPuff has access to its investors, real-time information regarding its availability is present. Other delivery services, unfortunately, may face running out of stock as their partners disintegrate, but GoPuff has never experienced such cases.

How does GoPuff work?

Customers can use GoPuff to place their orders using its mobile app for Android or iOS or by using its website.

After getting into the delivery location, the customers are directed to an inventory to get the selection for their local GoPuff warehouse. Customers add the items to their carts and make online payments like the other platforms. As you place the order at GoPuff, the system automatically notifies the warehouse staff of the items from the warehouse and packages them. Each driver has their specific bins that hold the packages. For easy distribution, the driver must deliver orders within a particular location for the smooth distribution.

You will receive automatic notifications for every delivery step through a customized text message. The driver will also call you before arriving at your destination.

The vertically integrated model eliminates the intermediaries; the company usually delivers the orders to the customers within 15-30 minutes after the order is processed.

In GoPuff, there is no minimum order value, so you can place an order for the product of your choice in any quantity and at any time.

Mode of payment GoPuff uses:-

There is lots of flexibility in GoPuff in various ways; you can use various payment methods. You can use cash, debit cards, and credit cards when paying for your delivery.

GoPuff accepts major cards such as MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. In truth, most delivery companies do not provide the cash option GoPuff provides.

Value Proposition:-

The GoPuff business model contains the value proposition for its three stakeholders, including the Delivery providers, buyers, and merchants.


  1. Ordering the daily household utilities needed.

  2. Delivery within a short time.

  3. Choosing the receive options from a huge range of products.

Delivery Providers:-

  1. Work according to their availability as full-time or part-time.


  1. Receiving orders in huge quantities.

  2. Management eases down.


Considering all that GoPuff provides and how they provide the services, it seems like they are using a great business model and profit streams in place. They are surely shaking up their segment and attracting new customers using their unique value proposition, such as fast delivery and affordable prices.

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