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Every Thing About 2D Art/Animation Designing For Game Development

Author: Aaden Matthew
by Aaden Matthew
Posted: Nov 26, 2022

2D art design for game development involves creating a unique visualization of elements of games. 2D art is alive and can be utilized seamlessly in the game industry.

I've seen a lot of bloggers discussing 3D designing and often get overwhelmed by the subject of designing in 2D. But, 2D art and 2D games are popular in the gaming industry and gamers enjoy it similar to the 90s because 2D games offer their own unique form of entertainment. They are simple to design, and come with easy controls.

In this article I'll go over everything about designing 2D art to help game developers develop their games. I'll go over different 2D art design services for games and the process of creating 2D art. Additionally, I will guide you on with hiring an outsourcing firm to provide 2D art services to help with game development.

Let's look at the different types of 2D art services to help game developers.

Different types game development for 2D art

Before diving into the ocean of 2D art styles to develop games. Let's take a review of the most basic kinds of 2D art or 2D art formats.

  • 2D Pixel

  • Vector art

  • Geometric art

  • Flat art

All of the above 2D art formats can be utilized in various 2D games such as Pixel Art Games, Star-dew Valley Hyper Light Drifter and many more. Like this, all of the 2D art formats are used in various genres of games.

Let's begin by examining various kinds of 2D art to develop games in greater detail. The first topic we will cover is character design, as character design is the most commonly used asset everyone has heard of.

Concept Art Designing

Concept art is used primarily within video games in order to communicate an idea and establish the mood for the whole game and can be developed for both 3D and 2D games. Concept art is an illustration that conveys the story of a character or conveys a specific appearance for the whole game. It provides a solid basis for coordinating with the designers working on the project.

UI/UX Designing

UI game design encompasses the entire visual interface by which the user engages in the game. It includes everything from menus, buttons as well as navigation and.

2D Character Designing

2D character design is a type of service that involves creating characters for games. The characters are a part of the story of the game and take the actions in order to be successful using any form that is 2D animation. There are a variety of 2D gaming characters loved across the globe.

2D Environment Designing

The setting of the game plays an important role in the story telling and transfer of the concept for any type of game. 2D environment designers create different types of environments that fit the character and make the game enjoyable.

Particle Effects Designing

Particle effects design is the process of creating tiny components that are utilized in animations, such as the ones you've probably played in the game Fruit Samurai or other action games. When you strike the object the object explodes or cuts and the parts that appear within the game is a particle effects.

In this section, I've spoken about some of the key design elements needed for game development. In the next part I will explain the design process of game art works will assist you understand the step-by-step game art creation process.

A step-by-step game art development process

The majority of the time this is the hardest stage for novices who begin creating assets for games of all kinds and must study numerous examples before they can begin. Now, I've finished all of the specific guidelines in the short subheadings.

First, you'll need to select the style of art design. Next you'll need to create concepts that will assist you in developing your game. Design of the character, environment style and icons, as well as the design of items.


I hope that you've gained knowledge about 2d art through this article. We have also discussed the most important aspects of 2D art, such as Pixel Vector artwork, Geometric artwork, as well as flat art. We also defined the different types of game art and their definitions in short. In the previous article I posted details of an outsourcing company that is well-versed in 2D game art development and created diverse artwork for some of the most popular games.

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I'm Aaden Matthew, started my career with SMO role; however, today I'm doing my dream job at Gamix Labs as a game developer. Gamix Labs is a full-cycle game development company, offers game art, animation, and development for almost every game.

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