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How to Take Care of a Cane Corso puppies?

Author: Riki William
by Riki William
Posted: Dec 02, 2022
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Although they belong to the Mastiff family and are a huge breed of dog, Cane Corsos are more athletic, nimble, and quick than their larger Mastiff breed relatives.

Additionally, they are more spirited and adventurous. Although Cane Corsos need frequent exercise to burn off their excess energy, they also require socialization and training when they are puppies in order to develop into well-mannered adult dogs.

Set limitations

Like a kid, a puppy needs limits established for him in order to be taught how to behave since behavior is learnt. Boundaries should be established from an early age to let your puppy know what is expected of him. Nothing is more annoying than a dog that is out of control, particularly a large dog. If your dog doesn't recognize that you are in charge, even simple things like walking your dog on a leash may be a horrible experience.

Ratchet train

The greatest method for teaching your dog where he is and is not permitted to be in the home is via crate training. It helps in establishing expectations for what is expected of him. Many people believe that cages are cruel to confine a puppy in, but dog experts contend that the reverse is true. Dogs love dens in the wild, and crates are comparable to dens.

Put an end to separation phobia

It might be difficult for some people to hear a puppy cry. Many individuals who see a new puppy often respond to his cries and whines by turning around to give him attention or by using baby language while petting him. They assume right away that their dog is depressed and missing them, but in reality, puppies cry mostly to teach their owners how to manage them.


In order to develop into healthy, happy, and well-behaved adults, puppies must socialize. Consider all the circumstances and character traits you anticipate your dog may experience during his life. Your puppy will be better equipped to manage these places, people, and circumstances throughout his life if he is socialized to them from an early age.

Feed him properly

Your cane corso puppy requires a balanced diet from an early age. Find out what kind of diet your puppy is currently eating from its breeder, and attempt to stick to it. If you decide to switch dog food brands after settling him into his new home, you should do it gradually over the course of a few days to a week, gradually introducing his new brand of food alongside the one he was previously eating.


Your Cane Corso will be an energetic dog that enjoys running, playing, and using his brain. Develop playtime with your dog from an early age so that he understands what to anticipate and starts to understand that playtime is when he lets his energy out. Your Cane Corso needs exercise to be happy, healthy, and well-behaved throughout his life.

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