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Things to know about 5S audit

Author: Sarah Francoise
by Sarah Francoise
Posted: Dec 09, 2022

What is 5S audit?

In the world of manufacturing, industries are often looking for ways to decrease errors and rise productivity. This 5S audit delivers a framework for performing a complete analysis of work procedures and ability to produce a quality product. 5S audit checklist is given as ready to perform an internal audit tool, use it through the audit process of the organization. By going through a 5S audit, businesses have been able to decrease defects, meaning less errors, less returns, and less complaints from consumers. A 5S audit is not just a visual inspection of facilities. A 5S audit is a methodical check of work environment with the aim of classifying opportunities for development. A 5S audit classifies how well organization are implementing Kaizen (continuous improvement) on the floor.

Conducting a 5S audit contains estimating present work conditions and making changes to enhance the workplace. The result is a planned, clean, and effectual work environment. Finally, 5S audits are used to support the execution of standard work. It’s significant to note—the audit was not developed for the purpose of making references. It is just an analysis of the standards and suggestions drawn by supervisors at a given manufacturing site.

How to conduct a 5S audit?

The following steps should be taken to conduct a 5S audit:

  • Take or attach a photo of the workplace’s present status for reference.
  • Do a visual examination of workplace.
  • Go through the survey per category and allocate a score.
  • Tally the scores to see how fine the workplace complies with the principles of 5S.
  • Make a conclusion and establish an action plan if required.

Who conducts 5S audit?

Generally, a supervisor will measure each operators’ workstations, however, some consumers use peer-to-peer estimations with supervisor oversight to confirm they are auditing each other properly.

Benefits of conducting a 5S audit:

Now that reviewed 5S audits at a high level, let's dump into some of the advantages of combining 5S into procedures. Some of the key benefits to 5S audits are as follows:

Decrease in space required for storage: Eliminating unwanted and unorganized items from the work space not only decreases unnecessary clutter on the floor, but also makes more space for value-added work.

Enhanced maintenance procedures: By following daily procedures for cleaning and fixing machines and equipment within facility, preservation activities become humbler and more streamlined and breakdowns become less mutual.

Enhanced safety: The procedure of cleaning and organizing a work space integrally decreases the potential for safety events within the work environment.

Increased employee morale: When employees are bought into the 5S audit procedure, they demonstrate an advanced assurance to the values that 5S outlines. This confirms that everybody across the org does their part to sustain a clean, organized, and effectual work space.


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