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5 rules to observe while playing bubble soccer

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Posted: Dec 10, 2022
bubble soccer

One of the most fun, enjoyable, and interesting team-building activities you must attempt in 2020 is bubble soccer! Players are outfitted in enormous inflatable bubble suits for each Bubble Soccer match, allowing them to bounce, bump, and roll around the playing area safely and joyfully. This motivates groups to collaborate and develop the winningest game plan possible. Players will also need to work well as a team and communicate well. Here are five essential guidelines for playing Bubble Soccer.


Similar to regular soccer, there will be a referee at every game to oversee play and guarantee the safety of the players.

According to the referee's discretion, excessive force bumps without the aim to take possession of the ball or clear the way for it to the goal will result in a 2-minute penalty. The referee may decide to dismiss a player depending on the circumstances, particularly if the opponent's safety is in danger and the bumps are caused by blind spots.

When playing bubble soccer on a bumpy floor, we advise using knee protection. However, this depends on the organizer or the


Each match is contested between two teams of no more than five players. At least one female should be present on the field at all times during the play, according to our recommendations.

Substitution: Any moment there is active play in the game, substitutions are permitted. When a player needs to be replaced, the player leaving the field must stand on the sideline while the replacement player crosses the sideline and enters the game at the same time. A referee will inspect each player who has been substituted for equipment before allowing them to take the pitch.

Goalkeeper: Each squad will have a maximum of 5 players on the pitch, as was already mentioned. Goalies are not permitted. In front of the goal, there will be a crease area; players may pass through it, but they may not stay there longer than three seconds. Once more, the organizers reserve the right to change the rules.


When the entire ball crosses the goal line, goes between the goal posts, and goes under the crossbar, the goal is scored. This is assuming that the squad that scored the goal did not push an opponent unlawfully while doing so. The winner of a game is the team with the most goals scored during the contest. In the regular season, a game is declared a draw if both teams score an equal number of goals or if none are scored.


Unless both teams mutually agree otherwise, the game consists of two 12-minute halves that are equal in length. Before the game begins, any agreement to change the length of the play periods (such as reducing each half to 8 or 10 minutes) must be made.

Halftime Interval: At halftime, players are entitled to a break that cannot last longer than five minutes.


Both sides will line up on the "baseline" that is closest to their goal at the start of the game. To start the game, the referee will place the ball in the center of the field and blast his whistle once. This start will take place at the beginning of the first half, the beginning of the second half, and following each goal scored.

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