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11 Bubble Soccer Strategies You Should Try!

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Posted: Dec 11, 2022
bubble soccer

The sport of bubble soccer is becoming more and more well-liked in Singapore. The only difference is that the players are enclosed in sizable, inflatable bubbles. This increases the game's difficulty and enjoyment. The top bubble soccer tactics are listed here for you to try.

1. Play Offence And DefenceMost people believe that in soccer, one should only play on offense or defense. But with bubble soccer, you must be proficient in both. You can block the ball with your body because you are enclosed in a bubble. This implies that even if the ball is on the other half of the field, you must constantly be on the watch for it.

2. Use your Boby

You can use it to knock other players over as well as to protect the ball from them. Use your size to your advantage if you are larger than the other players. Do not, however, rely exclusively on your physique; strong footwork is still necessary.

3. Be Agile

You still need to remain agile despite being in a bubble. You must therefore have the ability to change directions fast. Additionally, you must be able to jump and duck under the bubbles of other players. Your chances of scoring goals increase as your level of agility increases.

4. Stay Low

It will be simple for other players to topple you if you are standing too high off the ground. If you are too high off the ground, you won't be able to shift directions as rapidly. Keep your knees bent while jogging so that you may maintain a low center of gravity.

5. Protect The Ball

You must guard the ball because you are enclosed in a bubble. This means that while dribbling, you should use your body to protect the ball. Additionally, you should avoid allowing other players to approach the ball too closely because they might be able to take it from you.

6. Has Good Footwork

Despite being in a bubble, you still need to move with care. This calls for having quick direction-changing skills and effective ball movement. Drills like running around cones or dribbling a soccer ball around barriers are two ways to perfect your footwork.

7. Be Patient

This indicates that as soon as you receive the ball, you shouldn't try to score. Wait for an opportunity to present itself instead. As soon as you have the chance, shoot rapidly before the opposing team has a chance to respond.

8. Be Aggressive

You must be both patient and assertive at the same time. You should therefore not be hesitant to pursue the ball. Take advantage of any opportunities you notice to steal the ball from the opposing squad. Additionally, don't be reluctant to shoot the ball when you get the chance.

9. Communicate With Your TeammatesIn any sport, communication is essential, but bubble soccer places a specific emphasis on it. This is due to the fact that it may be challenging to notice other players on the field. To keep track of your colleagues' whereabouts and activities, you must maintain communication with them. In order for them to pass the ball to you, you must also let them know when you are open.10. Stay Calm

It's critical to maintain composure. You won't be able to think properly and make wise decisions on the field if you become overly furious. If you mess up, don't think about it too much; simply concentrate on the next play.

11. Have Fun

You should still have fun even though bubble soccer is a competitive sport. This is because having fun while playing the game makes it more enjoyable. You won't be playing at your best if you are not enjoying yourself. So, unwind and take in the game. These are only a few of the bubble soccer tactics you should experiment with. You may be sure to have a great time and score some goals if you follow these suggestions.

You should use some of these tactics if you want to succeed at bubble soccer. You can play with confidence and score goals if you have good footwork, agility, and communication.

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