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Choose the Best Saddle and Enjoy the Horse Riding To the Fullest

Author: Sam Aarya
by Sam Aarya
Posted: Dec 27, 2014

Being more than just a hobby, a horse riding can be brought in use in various types of sports these days. Some of them are dressage, polo, racing and jumping. And if are into any of these activities then surely you must be aware of having the right saddle. You can say that a saddle can be a horse riding apparel. Moreover, selection of a right saddle may depend on the riding style which can be either English or Western.

In English style riding, the rider holds a single reign in each hand and softly pulls one of the reigns in order to indicate the horse to turn either left or right. Whereas, in Western style riding, the rider holds both the reigns in one hand and lay down them against the horse’s neck or shift the weight according to turn left or right.

If you compare both the saddles i.e. English saddles and Western saddles then you will find that Western saddles come in larger size. Moreover, they can be heavier than which were introduced especially for hard-riding cowboys.

No doubt, saddles are designed to offer comfort to the riders however, depending upon the activity, their designed can be changed slightly. Some types of activities and their saddles are given below:

  • Dressage: Since the rider’s leg needs to remain in touch with the horse therefore, these types of saddles have the flaps which are cut in straight and narrow shape. Also, dressage saddles can be different from English saddles.
  • Jumping: Originally introduced for the fox hunting, these types of saddles enable the riders to sit in a better position which can help them in jumping.
  • Racing: Racing saddles can be flat and light in weight. Also, they can have short reigns so that, the riders can bend forward in order to get maximum speed.

Besides the activities, your selection of a saddle may also depend on the material which is used to make the saddles. For example: you can find leather saddles, synthetic saddles and suede saddles. So, you can choose the synthetic one if you wish to have a light weighted saddle. Moreover, you can go with the leather one if you wish your saddle to last long. Thus, choose the one which fulfills your needs to the fullest. Moreover, never forget to choose the best place to find saddles otherwise; you may end up having low quality saddles. Thus, look for the best quality Saddles for sale online so that, you will get the best one and that too, at the discounted price.

In addition to all these, make sure the saddle you are going to choose will provide sufficient comfort to both i.e. the rider and the horse. Moreover, consider the size of the saddle so that, it can fit well on the back of the horse. Fitting is important otherwise, you will slip down while riding on the horse.

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