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Speak Publicly with Confidence

Author: Jody Urquhart
by Jody Urquhart
Posted: Feb 27, 2023

Public speaking is an unnerving affair for anybody, no matter the stage or setting. After all, staying cool is difficultwhen you have a large crowd of people evaluating and assessing your words in real time. As daunting as it may seem, practicing and building up your confidence is the best way to conquer your public speaking fears. Here are pointers to keep in mind, according to some of the bestwomen motivational speakers:

Imagine a successful outcome.

Think positive. It might seem simple, but it is absolutely crucial for effectively engaging with any audience. Don’t let doubts and insecurities about not performing adequately on stage paralyze you. Even the most experienced women motivational speakersfind themselves fumbling when they let fear take over their thoughts. To combat this, picture yourself confidently delivering your speech and the audience listening attentively and applauding at the end. This visualization will help you feel more at ease before stepping up to the podium.

Know your audience

One of the most important aspects of public speaking is knowing whom you are addressing, so you can tailor your message to their needs. Take some time to find out more about the event's attendees. This will give you an idea of what topics are interesting to them and how they will react to certain messages.


It may seem obvious, but the practice is the most important factor in developing public speaking confidence. Practice delivering your speech several times until you are very comfortable with the material and are able to deliver it confidently and eloquently. This is especially important for those with limited public speaking experience. The more familiar you are with your delivery, the less likely it is that you will feel overwhelmed when in front of a live audience.

It’s also a good idea to volunteer at local events or speak in front of family and friends first so that you can become more comfortable before attempting a larger audience.

Watch and learn

Watch other female motivational speakers to get some inspiration. Just go on YouTube and watch some TED Talks, or attend a live seminar that’s related to your topic if you have the chance. Pay attention to the speakers' style, energy, and charisma, and start thinking about how you can emulate them.

If you want to become a professional motivational speaker someday, you need to start taking public speaking classes or join a toastmasters organization. This is an excellent way to strengthen your communication skills and learn from those who have been in the game for years. You may even find a mentor who can guide you and help you develop your speaking skills.

These tips can help female motivational speakers take their confidence and presentation skills to the next level. With practice, research, and an optimistic attitude, any speaker can command an audience's attention and deliver their message effectively.

About The Author:

Fed up with living a mediocre life, Jody decided she wanted a memorable one instead. Her unyielding ambition fuelled her into the world of stand-up comedy, a place where she learned to roll with the punch lines and turn life’s lemons into delicious lemonade. Jody has been a motivational speaker for over 25 years and participates in over 100 events per year. Her mission is simple, to eagerly empower worn-out professionals with humor, hindsight, and hallelujahs. She firmly believes it’s not what you do that matters- it’s how you feel about what you do. Jody Urquhart delivers uplifting, engaging motivational speeches that help professionals cultivate a much-needed blissful can-do attitude towards fun and meaningful work. Every keynote is a stepping stone towards building the work-life you have always wanted. She is the author of BLISS OUT. A tongue-in-cheek insight into how to find joy.

About the Author

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