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Why Does My Mercedes Stall When I Put In Gear in Louisville?

Author: Turning Wrenches
by Turning Wrenches
Posted: Mar 04, 2023

In general, engine stalling problems is arising in your Mercedes when the engine has stopped working and carries some mechanical issues. Many times, the improper mixture of air and fuel in the combustion chamber are causing engine stalling issues when you put in gear. Due to many reasons, you will notice engine stalling issues in your car such as:

  • Empty fuel tank
  • Dead battery
  • Failed alternator
  • Faulty torque converter
  • Jammed air filter

When it happens, you have to consult with a reputed mechanic for diagnosing the engine and fix it in time for preventing a major breakdown of the engine. The following points define the causes behind the engine of your Mercedes stall when you put it in gear.

Jammed air filter

For the smooth combustion process, the engine cylinders need the proper amount of air supply. If the air filter is jammed or clogged with outside dirt and debris, then it will block the airflow to the engine and cause the engine to stall when you put it in gear. To prevent these problems, you have to check the air filter with a mechanic regularly and keep them protected from dust.

Failed torque converter

In automatic transmission cars, the torque converter is a highly essential component that is responsible for its smooth functioning. Moreover, the converter is responsible for running the engine even at a stop and maintains the transmission fluid for engaging the gears smoothly.

If the torque converter of the car is failed due to overheating and dirt in the fuel, then you will experience engine stalling when you put in gear. To diagnose the condition of the converter, you have to perform a stall-speed test by consulting with a reputed mechanic.

Low fuel pressure

Thus, the most common cause behind the engine stalling after engaging the gears in an automatic transmission car is low fuel pressure. When the fuel injectors of the car are blocked or clogged with outside contaminants, the fuel flow pressure is reduced automatically and causes issues like loss of engine power and engine stalling.

To resolve the problem, you have to replace the fuel injectors and clean the fuel tank of the car by consulting with a reputed auto repair shop.

Bad alternator and battery

All we know is that the alternator is an important component of the car which is responsible for charging the battery and running other electrical systems efficiently. If the alternator of the car is failed for any reason, then it is affecting the functions of the engine and causes many problems like engine stalling when you change the gears, dimmed lights, and a bad battery.

On the other hand, the dead battery in your car is also causing starting issues or won't start at all. In your car, the battery is responsible for starting and running the engine. Thus, the damaged battery also causes the engine to stall when you put it in gear. When it happens, you have to consult a mechanic for diagnosing the bad alternator and battery of the car.

Bad fuel pump

Generally, the main function of the fuel pump of the car is to pump the right amount of fuel into the engine. If the fuel pump of the car is failed while driving, then the engine is not getting the right amount of fuel to run and start the engine. Driving the car in this condition can cause the engine to stall when you put it in gear.

On the other hand, the inadequate air and fuel mixture in the engine is causing stalling when it is cold. These problems usually happen when you will experience rich air and fuel mixture in the combustion process.

Way to fix engine stalling

If you found that your Mercedes stalls while driving on the streets of Louisville, then make sure that it is not a simple issue and needs the immediate attention of a mechanic. In general, the stalling issues in your car when you put it in gear is indicating more complicated issues in your car that need to be repaired immediately for preventing major breakdowns.

When it happens, it is always advisable to consult a professional mechanic to track down the reason behind the stalling problem and get it fixed with the right procedures.

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