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ChatGPT Electrical Engineering Assignment: Is it beneficial for students?

Author: Saajan Sharma
by Saajan Sharma
Posted: Mar 18, 2023

Our ancestors often use great terminologies and phrases such as "Think before you choose your actions". For students, this advice works wonders, especially in academics. Students often get overwhelmed whenever they hear about new tools and technologies. Most students don’t even think about the consequences they will have once they implement the same with their electrical engineering assignment.

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The recently launched ChatGPT has taken the internet by storm and many universities have started adapting to it. But just like any other thing in the world, it has its own perks and disadvantages. Our experts have thoroughly assessed the situation and explored every bit of the AI tool by different methods. What we have found is an eye-opener for both students and educators. This gives you an idea of whether ChatGPT benefits students or whether it is a tool having underlying threats to shake our traditional education system.

There is more to it

ChatGPt is the state of art language model of AI is a new wave of disruption in the education industry. Although it looks convincing and the idea seems to be impressive from a technical standpoint there is much more to it than we actually anticipated. The enthusiasm for bots is causing a lot of bustle in the world of the education industry. Professors and educators accept that the launching of ChatGPT is a defining move for the education industry, though the impacts truly depend on the usage. Students can now write their academic papers summarized by ChatGPT. Like other AI tools, ChatGPT is designed to fetch information as the given prompt and seems much more realistic than existing robots.

One of the key questions of AI is "Is it able to understand the intent of the search?" Tech experts agree that it could be misused, if not misplaced. Some are questioning the correct usage as well. Looking forward to the conversational responses of ChatGPT, experts can predict its limitations in understanding the complexity of human language. Therefore, the possibility of fetching irrelevant, incomplete, or incorrect information is high if AI misunderstands the context of your instructions.

Untrustworthy, Although it has a great side

Now, ChatGPT is booming and the usage is rapid: students are getting to know more about it. The question of its trustworthiness and convincing ability reverberated the concerns about its impact on students and the current education system. Some teachers are highlighting its ability to understand

The context of your query and the higher possibility of offering incomplete and untrustworthy information. ChatGPT could be unreliable, but this is not it.

Whether it’s learning-based assistance or writing support, be honest about its usage and verify before you use it. That’s all the experts have to say when it comes to ChatGPT for educational purposes. Scrolling search results, getting research data through keywords, and structuring the brainstorming process can be easier for students than anticipated. It could as something extra to boost their confidence to study efficiently and learn quickly rather than indulging them in mindless activities.

Limitations of Chat GPT

Over-reliance on AI Tools

While contemplating the future of the education industry and millions of students we must remember that usage has a meaningful role to play. Overreliance on machines with conversations and responses could be a genuine concern, especially if the subject is our future generations, the students. Excess and thoughtless use of this AI tool only devastates students' credibility but also has long-lasting negative impacts on their learning ability and chances to progress.

Plagiarism issues and incomplete information

Talking about ChatGPT limitations brings forth two factors in the frontline. One is the plagiarism issue and the other one is incomplete information that confuses students and prevents them from achieving the desired result. Repeating a similar process for a single question often offers one data set. As it doesn’t understand the personalization approach, all the content this AI tool generates is generic.

Matter of Content relevancy and information validation

If you see very closely and try to understand the data resources offered by ChatGPT, you will see that the bot gives you the information available up to 2021. If you are searching for the latest topic then they couldn’t find the relevant information or it would suggest that the data is outdated. Another factor still keeping students in the dark and misleading them is the validation of information offered ChatGPT. Students often use the information directly without accuracy validation. Some experts use the information while checking the content is shared by ChatGPT. When students unknowingly use ChatGPT content, they have a higher chance of incorrect information in their academic papers.


Some educational experts agree that ChatGPT causes a higher level of panic, anxiety, and fear in teachers. Even a percentage of teachers feel that ChatGPT is now threatening the higher level of education. But don’t worry AI will never take human existence since it is created by a human only.

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