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How to Repair a Water Purifier that Has a Broken UV Lamp?

Author: Repairand Serviceind
by Repairand Serviceind
Posted: Mar 19, 2023

A water purifier with a UV lamp is an excellent way to ensure that your drinking water is free of harmful microorganisms. However, over time, the UV lamp in the purifier may break down, and the appliance will stop working correctly. In this article, we'll discuss how to repair a water purifier that has a broken UV lamp.

Identify the Problem

Before starting the repair process, it's essential to identify the problem with the water purifier. If the appliance is not functioning correctly, check the UV lamp to see if it's broken. A broken UV lamp will prevent the water purifier from effectively killing the microorganisms present in the water. If the UV lamp is broken, it will need to be replaced.

Turn off the Power

Before starting the repair process, it's important to turn off the power supply to the water purifier. Unplug the appliance or turn off the circuit breaker to prevent electric shocks.

Remove the UV Lamp

To replace the broken UV lamp, you'll need to remove the old lamp from the water purifier. First, remove the protective cover from the UV lamp. Then, carefully remove the lamp from its socket. Be sure to handle the lamp carefully to avoid damaging it or getting injured by broken glass. It is better to consult a water purifier technician near me to remove the UV Lamp without any trouble.

Install the New UV Lamp

Once the old lamp is removed, install the new UV lamp. Insert the new lamp carefully into the socket and make sure it's securely in place. Replace the protective cover over the lamp to prevent any damage to the lamp.

Test the Water Purifier

After installing the new UV lamp, it's important to test the water purifier to ensure it's functioning correctly. Turn on the water purifier and let it run for a few minutes. Check the water for any impurities or odors. If the water purifier is working correctly, it should produce clear, odor-free water.


A broken UV lamp in a water purifier can be a cause for concern, as it can affect the quality of the drinking water. However, by following the above steps, you can repair a water purifier with a broken UV lamp easily. It's important to identify the problem, turn off the power, remove the old lamp carefully, install the new UV lamp securely, and test the water purifier to ensure it's functioning correctly. If you're not confident about repairing the appliance on your own, it's always best to consult a professional. A professional repair company in Bangalore will fix your appliance safely and correctly and ensure that it's in good working condition.

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