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How To Make Your Dog Behave Properly

Author: Riki William
by Riki William
Posted: Mar 16, 2023
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You cannot expect a dog to behave like a human right away. Their innate nature must be nurtured properly so that they can control their animal instincts and get tamed for you. Every dog has a unique behavior and a common trait.

Taming these behaviors and traits cannot be done overnight. Also, you cannot expect a grown-up dog to obey whatever you say without any kind of training. So, when it comes to making your dog behave, there are several things you must do to achieve it and, in this article, we will discuss all of them.

Dogs can do all sorts of things from biting to hoping on others. They are energetic beings and try to play around like a child. But this kind of behavior modification can be brought easily with the help of a proper training strategy. Here are some of the primary things you can do to make your dog behave like you wanted it to.

Spend more time on training

Dogs love to spend time with their owners. They love to play with them and get along. So, you have to use this to your advantage and try to train them. If the dog is not behaving with you properly, then you have to lure it towards you with love and affection.

You can provide treats, feed them on time, and try to play with them often to make the dog feel comfortable around you. Just get some toys and treats for it and let it play around.

Try to exhaust it with exercise

Dogs behave improperly due to the presence of excess energy. Those dogs that are always hyperactive tend to have more behavior issues than lazy dogs. So, if you release all the energy out of the dog through exercise, they will instantly exhaust themselves and try to behave as per your orders. You can also provide them with their favorite treats to make them obey you.

Prevent Bad Behaviors

It is easier to prevent bad behaviors than to try to correct them. For example, try to remove all kinds of distractions like toys, plants, shoes, etc. that will make your dog misbehave. Once you train it properly you can replace them back on the floor. Even if you are keeping the dog inside the fence, it is a must to supervise it at all times to monitor its behavior in a proper way.

Reward the dog appropriately

Dogs love rewards. For every good behavior, try to reward it with a treat of their liking. This will tame them more effectively within a short time. You have to constantly reward it and let it come under your control gradually. Once you got hold of their likings, you can use it to manipulate them with it.


If you want to make your dog behave, rewarding and proper training are key. You have to spend more time with your dog and learn its behavior and likings. Once you understand the nature of your pet dog, you can easily make them obey and behave in the public.

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