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Top Tips to Improve Efficiency in Your Organization

Author: Simon Hopes
by Simon Hopes
Posted: Sep 08, 2023
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In modern business, it is important to cultivate an organization that places a high value on efficiency and efficient working practices. Every year, increasing numbers of businesses enter the marketplace through e-commerce channels. This can quickly create a situation where price wars develop, and competitors seek to offer more attractive special promotions to take custom away from other companies in the same sector.

Whilst price wars should be avoided as they inevitably hurt both businesses financially, a company can become more competitive by improving all their business processes. Improving efficiency can give a business key advantages in their operations. Costs can be minimized, which can result in increased levels of profitability, and workers can become more productive, thus adding more value to the company.

In this article, some top tips will be discussed that can help any organization improve efficiency in different areas of the business.

Encourage remote working

There is strong evidence to suggest that working from home can lead to increases in productivity in the workforce. For example, a 2013 study demonstrated that remote working led to a 13% performance increase and fewer days being lost to sickness. Many staff members find that they are less fatigued after a week of remote working as time is not spent commuting to a shared workplace or being stuck in traffic. Some workers also appreciate that remote working can help them to gain greater control of their work–life balances. This can be a motivating factor for remote working and may encourage some staff to give a higher level of output in return.

Efficient remote working can be facilitated by ensuring that staff have all the key applications they need to work away from the company offices. Applications should be cloud-based, and companies should also utilize video conferencing software and collaborative platforms to ensure that normal communication and team working takes place in a dispersed workforce.

Streamline your application management

It is estimated that 94% of all companies now use cloud-based services in some form. As previously mentioned, these can drive effective remote working methods by ensuring that staff can access key applications from any location with an internet connection. However, as the number of cloud-based applications grows, there is a greater need to use an API management platform.

These platforms can monitor, control, and deploy online applications to ensure that they run effectively and are not experiencing any software issues. A comprehensive API management platform can control all cloud-based systems under one point of access, and many routines can be automated, therefore saving both time and money.

In short, API management platforms can streamline a company’s online IT services and deliver efficiency gains across the organization.

Eradicate non-essential meetings

One of the biggest irritations for millions of staff is the need to attend multiple meetings across the working week. Many of these meetings may seem to have no clear purpose, go on for hours at a time, and produce no actionable outcomes.

In some circumstances, excessive non-essential meetings may serve to demotivate the workforce and lead to reductions in efficiency. Managers and leaders should regularly consider the number and purpose of company meetings. Non-essential meetings should be cut, and most should be tabled to run for the shortest time periods whilst sticking to a pre-approved agenda.

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