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Maintaining Your Beautiful Nails: Tips for Russian Manicure in Dubai.

Author: Rone Alex
by Rone Alex
Posted: Sep 17, 2023

The glittering world of beauty and self-care demands perfectly manicured nails. Russian manicures in Dubai which provide a better and more durable way to achieve immaculate nails, have swept the city by storm. One of Dubai's top salons, Havie and Moon Salon, has earned a reputation for providing superior Russian manicures. While their skilled nail technicians do a fantastic job during your consultations, preserving that spotless appearance between visits is essential. In this article, we'll look at some crucial upkeep advice to keep your nails gorgeous between visits to Havie and Moon Salon in Dubai for Russian manicures.

Knowing the Difference Between Russian Manicures:

Before diving into maintenance advice, it's essential to understand what makes Russian manicures unique from traditional manicures. Russian manicures emphasize nail health and use specialized equipment like diamond drill bits and electric files. The procedure entails careful cuticle maintenance, shaping, and creating an even, smoother surface before applying polish. This precise method produces nails that appear gorgeous and maintain their beauty for a more extended amount of time.

  • Daily Moisturizing:

Daily moisturizing is one of nail care's most important but frequently disregarded parts. Your nails may become dry and brittle due to the severe conditions in Dubai. Daily application of healthy cuticle oil or cream promotes nail health and flexibility. The nail experts at Havie and Moon Salon suggests you to use best products from their high-quality nail care items.

  • Don't rough up your nails:

Russian manicures are incredibly resilient, but they are not unbreakable. Be cautious of your nails when performing daily tasks. Please don't use them as tools to avoid damaging surfaces or opening goods. Your nail enhancements may chip, break, or become damaged if you use your nails for these activities.

  • Frequently use a top coat:

In addition to adding shine, a clear top coat serves as a barrier to protect your nail polish. Apply a top coat every few days to make your Russian manicure last longer. Top coats of excellent quality are available from Havie and Moon Salon, which are great for preserving that just-left-the-salon appearance.

  • Do not pick or peel:

The duration of Russian manicures is one of their most important benefits. However, harm can result from picking at your nails or attempting to remove nail polish. It is preferable to call Havie and Moon Salon for a speedy correction if you see any chipping or peeling rather than trying to fix it yourself.

  • Wear Gloves When Doing Household Tasks:

Your nails can suffer from household tasks like dishwashing or harsh cleaning chemicals. Wear gloves when doing such things to preserve your Russian manicure. The Havie and Moon Salon advises choosing the best gloves and doing the necessary nail care procedures after chores.

  • Maintain cuticles:

It would help if you had healthy cuticles for your nails' overall appearance and health. Use a wooden or rubber cuticle pusher to gently push back your cuticles between Havie and Moon Salon visits. Trimming your cuticles can cause infection or overgrowth; therefore, avoid doing so.

  • Keep Your Nail Length in Mind:

You can use a range of nail lengths and shapes for Russian manicures. If you like longer nails, you must take extra care when doing your business. Longer nails are more brittle and more likely to break. The idea is to maintain a harmony between fashion and utility.

  • Make routine touch-up appointments:

Even with the best care methods, touch-ups are necessary for your Russian manicure in Dubai. To guarantee that your nails always look their best, Havie and Moon Salon advises scheduling touch-up sessions every two to three weeks. Any minor flaws can be fixed, and your nails can be reshaped or republished as necessary during these sessions.

  • Keep Your Nails Out of the Sun:

The warm, bright weather in Dubai is ideal for trips to the beach and other outdoor pursuits, but it may also make nail polish fade or change color. Apply sunscreen to your hands and nails while spending a lot of time in the sun to preserve your Russian manicure.

  • Consult a professional:

Feel free to contact Havie and Moon Salon professionals if you have any issues or queries regarding keeping your Russian manicure. Our skilled nail technicians may offer individualized guidance and options for your requirements.


In conclusion, it is possible but also necessary to preserve the attractiveness of your Russian manicure in Dubai between visits to Havie and Moon Salon for women with gorgeous, long-lasting nails. You can ensure that your nails continue to serve as a shining example of the superiority of Russian manicure techniques by paying attention to these suggestions and getting professional advice when necessary. After all, Havie & Moon Salon in the center of Dubai sets the bar for style and refinement regarding nail treatment.

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