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Fashion Korean Clothing Collection

Author: Salina Yuan
by Salina Yuan
Posted: Nov 04, 2013

Preface: July 25, South Korean music program "M Count down" live, f (x) return to the stage singing the first wave hit song "at a wisdom tooth", five members of the youth in British style style appeared, small accessories with so they are more tempted to show a different, coupled with energetic dance leaving fans scream, quickly and small series with a look at their youthful shape it!

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[F (x) youth activities posing a] Akane stage

Akane July 25 to lead the f (x) trend regression theatrical first wave hit song "The first lesson of wisdom teeth, " she dressed in red and blue British style children wholesale clothing China vest jumpsuit sheds, youthful and pretty plaid England Pompon skirt let Akane girl is full of atmosphere, with Korean letters tattoo socks on Adds vitality.

[F (x) youth activities Krystal stage dress 2]

Krystal with bright red hair return to the stage, dressed in British plaid vest with black knee stockings, handsome and yet seductive, wearing a "Little Red Riding Hood" is doubling youthful vitality.

[F (x) youth movable stage dress 3] Sulli

Sweet Sulli with a punk hairstyle handsome appearance, dressed in a black T-shirt to a short board eh England grid package hip skirt hem irregular, small exposed her sexy waist slowly, with one pair of lace knee the more people daydream extremely stockings friends!

[F (x) youth activities Luna Stage dress 4]

Luna dressed in a plaid short-sleeved shirt with black shorts England, putting a pair of red football socks full of youthful vigor, tassel belt so fashionable lot of extra points.

[F (x) the stage Asian fashion dresses youth activities 5] Amber

Amber perfect interpretation of the handsome British style campus style, handsome student under the head dressed in white uniforms FEEL England plaid shirt with a fifth shorts, soccer socks and sneakers with black let her become a handsome young boy friends!

[F (x) the stage dressed youth activities 6] Song Qian

Recently f (x) at the Hong Kong Arena concert, Song Qian dressed in a black T-shirt with green straps hemisphere package Qunqun, dancing waist when exposed to small, youthful charm completely released.

[F (x) youth activities of the stage dressed 7] Sulli

Sulli figure dressed in a black T-shirt with a black pencil pants black vigor with interpretation, although low-key color clothes with short-answer, but sweet Sulli cute knit cap plus a lot of extra points, a punk style belt also play a very good decorative effect.

[F (x) youth activities Krystal stage dress 8]

Krystal dressed in a black t-shirt with a skull design grass green pencil pants handsome in black and green mix to show vigor, and a pretty short hair with black knit cap is a plus Oh!

Ck and green mix to show vigor, and a pretty short hair with black knit cap is a plus!

[F (x) youth activities of the stage dressed 9] Luna

Luna dressed in orange t-shirt with black flower pattern shorts full of youthful vigor, gold necklace make a more handsome fashionable style!

[F (x) youth activities of the stage wholesale cheap dresses 10] Amber

Amber false handsome boy dressed in a red baseball T-shirt with black shorts zipper pattern, to create youth football socks with black sporty styling.

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