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Mortgage Refinancing Can Help Get You Out of a Difficult Financial Situation

Author: Marky Tyrell
by Marky Tyrell
Posted: Jan 15, 2015

Refinancing is really a method of undertaking a brand new loan, after repaying an old one. This is the right move to make provided you can get lower rates of interest on the new loan, which justifies such refinancing.

When you are in for mortgage refinancing at lower interest rates, you get the benefit of having to make lower monthly payments, when the amortization period remains the same. Also you can continue with the same payments and reduce the duration of the mortgage, so that the home may become yours much sooner. It is actually only if interest levels have dropped that this becomes advantageous, unless you are consolidating higher interest debt.

Also you can take a look at refinancing a mortgage, if you think you are capable of paying higher monthly amounts, as a result of an improved financial situation. It will bring you a significant decrease in interest charges. This will probably increase the monthly payments you will make, but since you are now in the position to achieve this, the reduced interest being paid can bring about an enormous saving in the total amount you have to pay for your residence overall.

Credit ratings play a part within the interest rates that will be available once you search for consolidating debts through mortgage refinancing. In case you have many active credit cards, this generally has a negative effect on your credit rating. It is best to reduce the volume of cards that you have by make a request to credit card companies to close your accounts. Visa, Mastercard and store cards will show on your credit report. Even if you have a poor credit score, refinancing will still reduce the interest you pay and therefore reduce your monthly payments.

Refinancing amounts available will depend on the value of your house, your income along with the status of your present mortgage. The previous loan should be paid back entirely, and also this may involve certain penalties and fees (generally three months interest plus and admin fee). The new financing will usually involve some fees also, and all of these amounts have to be taken in to consideration prior to deciding if the new financing is a practical. You will be required to endure a similar process you underwent to your original financing, but you will now have some equity within your property, and hopefully an improved income and credit score. Additionally, you may be required to have an appraisal report done on the property at your expense.

Debts are a responsibility we cannot run away from. They are a situation you have got into, which is up to you to discover what you can do to honor your financial situation. When you are talking of debt consolidation loans what you really are essentially doing is combining your debts into one. Debts are secured against property, or any other tangible assets with a continuing value. Debts like charge cards and other form of personal loans are generally unsecured and will always have higher rates of interest because of this. Debt consolidation is not an end to credit problems, but can give you credit relief. It will also help to lessen interest rates on some of your various debts and this is often a positive.

To understand debt consolidation loans you must be aware of your current amount of debt, their nature along with their age. Keep in mind your credit history, and whether your creditors have handed over any of the debt to collection agencies. You may get such debt consolidation even with a bad credit score scores, mainly because that you may have a residence with equity, but rates of interest can be much higher.

Michael Curry is a mortgage agent with VERICO The Mortgage Wellness Group ltd. located in Ontario Canada, specializing in all types of mortgage products.

For more information visit:

Michael Curry (705) 717-5598

VERICO The Mortgage Wellness Group Ltd

35 Worsley Street, Suite 201, Barrie, Ontario. L4M 1L7

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