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Surface Engineering: Technology Designed To Modify Surface Properties

Author: Wwg Engineering Pte Ltd
by Wwg Engineering Pte Ltd
Posted: Nov 20, 2023

Metallic and non-metallic surfaces of different materials are often subjected to altering of properties especially pertaining to material surface, either for decorative or functional purposes. Brining about corrosion resistance in order to extend component life, or giving a bit of cosmetic look to make items visually more attractive, modifying properties like lubrication, creating non-stick surfaces are some of the activities that come under this category.

However these actions are also classified according to the technical processes that are followed in those methods. Electroplating, electro-polishing are methods that are followed to coat a metal surface. In these methods, metals and alloys like copper, nickel, gold and tin are applied by reduction electrolysis methods. Another method is by using any suitable paint, primer, pre-coat, which may either be water based or oil based. In these methods, the material is subjected to dipping, coating, spraying or applying by a suitable device like brush or rollers. Organic dry powders are sometimes used to coat the metal surfaces. This is usually carried out by electrostatic spraying or by techniques like fluidised bed methodologies. This process is commonly known as powder coating.

In addition to these methodologies another process that is quite often used is the heat treatment. In this method, certain gases are included to alter the metallurgical structure, looks and properties of a material. This process usually makes the material either soft or hard. It may also change the composition to some extent, especially in certain cases where unique modifications are desired.

A common process of coating a metal surface is galvanizing. This is usually carried out in case of ferrous articles. Here molten zinc or sometimes an alloy of zinc is used to create a thick layer in order to protect against corrosion. Other very well-known process is the tinning, in this process materials are simply dipped into molten tin, where in a reasonably thick layer of tin gets coated on the material surface. Vitreous enamelling is one of the techniques where the application of metallic glass on material surface is carried out by dipping them in liquids and spraying techniques.

In Singapore one of the most well-known thermal spraying coating and engineering equipment specialists are the WWG Engineering. In a competitive market which is getting more challenging each day, WWG Engineering Pte Ltd is constantly looking up and updating its team with highly sought-after technologies that are the need of the hour. With a combined strength of integrated engineering solutions and services related competencies, the company trains, educates and caters to the needs of the clientele. WWG Engineering Pte Ltd over the years has been serving to a very diverse Singapore Engineering Industry. It actively renders services in Power-generation, Marine offshore, Refinery and Petrochemical sectors as well.

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