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What You Should Know About Hollister Colostomy Barriers And Bags?

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: Jan 17, 2015
hollister colostomy

Hollister is one of the leading brands of Colostomy supplies. The barriers and pouches manufactured by Hollister are of optimal quality and provide best health treatment and skin care to your loved ones. These bags are prepared by best clinical professionals and with proper application can offer protection to your skin, prevent leakage and foul odors.

How does Hollister colostomy pouching system help?

The patient can use this bag immediately after his operation is over. This bag assists him to eliminate the wastes from the body through an incision made on the anterior abdominal wall. This bag is attached to the large intestine via a stoma that needs to be changed after a period of 3-4 days or after it gets filled with stool.

Quality of Colostomy skin barriers and bags: These bags are light in weight and the barriers are skin friendly. The system can be easily managed by the patient.

Free from complications: Hollister’s technology allows you to adhere it to your skin surface and help you stay away from leakages. The supple, resilient and elastic like seal sticks to the skin surface with all sizes and shapes of stoma, thereby offering the patients a complete snug fit.

Drainable Pouch: Hollister colostomy bags offer an all in one solution and links the barrier attached to your skin with the bag, making it a single unit.

What are the different types of Colostomy bag systems available?

Basically there are four types of Hollister colostomy bags used after surgery. These are:

Closed Ended bags: These bags have a wafer attached to the skin when used around intestinal area. It could be a sealed one or an open one from the bottom. The bags with closed bottoms are discarded after use.

Open Ended bags: These bags can be used many times. They are attached with a device that can be opened and closed whenever required. These can be unlocked from the bottom to empty the content and can be cleaned easily. This way they can be used a few times before discarding.

One piece bag system: This is a Hollister colostomy bag that is equipped with a skin barrier that can be fixed directly to the skin. This system is either incorporated with an open ended bag or a closed ended bag. It does not require any assemblage and is best suited for patients who have hand-movement issues especially arthritis patients.

Two piece Hollister colostomy bag system: This bag is found in closed ended and open ended forms. In this case, initially the skin barrier is applied and then bag is attached to the skin barrier. There is no need to undergo huge transformation whenever bags are changed.

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