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3 Simple Ways to Save Money as a Farmer By Dale Duncan

Author: Amitava Sarkar
by Amitava Sarkar
Posted: Jan 21, 2015
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Your friends may joke all they want about you being a penny pincher, but when it comes to running a successful and sustainable farm, every little bit you can save counts. You may be busy with the daily operations of your agricultural enterprise, but you don't have to spare a lot of time to save a significant amount of money. Recognize those areas where you don't have to rely on contractors who charge by the hour and you're already saving hundreds or even thousands on the cost of labor. Figure out how to get your hands on parts for less, and your savings each year can total in the tens of thousands.

Online shopping may be a new concept to farms led by generations of the same family, but you're in charge now, and you're eager to take advantage of everything the modern world has to offer. That means you don't just upgrade your equipment, you upgrade the way you run your business. Instead of paying huge amounts for products from local suppliers, order online from places that offer free shipping and you'll save big. Plus, it's so simple. There are few things more convenient for the farmer on the go than being able to order a part out in the field with a smartphone as the need arises.

Order Ag Belts Online

No farmer can be in the business long before he's in need of new agricultural belts. Your machines work almost as hard as you do, so they're going to wear down, part by part. If you need new ag belts, save yourself a lot of money by ordering them direct online from a seller who specializes in these parts. Choose the right seller, and the higher quality product will last longer this time, which will extend your savings even more. Plus, if you order them online from a place that offers free shipping, you're also savings yourself the cost of paying for installation. You're probably familiar enough with your equipment to install them yourself, so why pay someone else to do it or buy from a place that's factored installation into the purchase price?

Do Your Own Repairs

Maybe your ag belts don't need to be completely replaced. Perhaps your tractor needs a new engine. Order the parts you'll need from agricultural suppliers with free shipping online and fix your machines yourself. If you can't do it the first time, take a class or ask a friend who can to teach you the ins and outs of repair. It may take some time and a small initial investment, but the farmer who doesn't have to frequently outsource repairs is going to save a lot of money in the long run.

Buy Used Equipment

If your machinery breaks down for good or you need to add a new set of hay balers, combines or swathers to your fleet, purchase used equipment. You'll save a significant amount off the sticker price when you're willing to purchase equipment that's a little worn down. Plus, if it's a simple matter of swapping out a part like an ag belt to get the used equipment up and running, it's still cheaper to buy older machinery and purchase the parts online than to buy machinery that's brand new.

The typical farmer is industrious and resourceful, which means she can save herself some money by taking a more self-reliant approach to the things that she might normally outsource. Every penny counts when it comes to running a successful farm, so cut back on expenditures where you can.

About the Author: Dale Duncan is a third generation farmer from Iowa who knows how hard it can be to turn a profit in the industry. He wants other farmers to know you can find a quality ag belt for less and install it yourself for big savings.

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