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Backlinks –The Important Factor of SEO

Author: Sharpize Solutions
by Sharpize Solutions
Posted: Jan 22, 2015

If you are running a business website or your own personal website, you must learn the importance of backlinks. Backlinks are the most important factors for marketing your websites. It is often seen that people either understand or misused the importance of backlinks. It is very essential to know how to get backlinks, how these backlinks work, and how incorrect link buildings can hamper the website's rankings. These topics are very important to know if you want to promote any website. When you have good quality of backlinks for your website, the search engines appreciate the website and help in ranking the website on the search engine result page.

You can create backing by keeping these points in mind.

#1 Backing should be coming from the relevance websites.

The website on which you are creating backlinks must have some relevance to your website. Generally, search engines provide more importance to those links which are coming from the website that are similar to yours.

#2 You must get back links from the website that has good Page Rank

Page Rank is an algorithm used by Google to determine the relative importance of a website. Therefore, it is always good to get the backlinks from the website whose PR value is greater than two or more.

Here are some great methods that will teach you fantastic ways to generate reliable links to your website.

Social Bookmarking:

Promotion through social bookmarking means that you will submit informational content on various social bookmarking websites and share them. An advantage of social bookmarking is that it is easy to create and also many good quality social bookmarking websites are available. This technique helps in creating qualitative backlinks and often helps in ranking the website.

Article and Press Release Marketing

This link building method requires you to write good posts for articles& press releases and put them on various article &press release directories. You can place 1 or 2 important anchor text to the content to create some good quality backlinks. These marketing techniques not only provide quality backlinks, but also help in promoting the business.

Social Media promotion

Link building strategy works best when your presence in social media is very trustworthy and honest. People links to your website most often if they find your service good or trust in your social profile. Some of the popular social media websites where you can promote your business are Twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn and Facebook. So use these websites to create backlinks with your creative ideas so that more people can engage them self on your social profile. This will encourage them to visit your website and often turn them into your customers. It is also seen that when you start getting social attention, your website's rankings is prone to improve in the search engines result page.

Since after knowing the importance of quality of backlinks and the technique of creating backing it is very important that you should consult any good link building company that can help you in researching and creating backlinks for your websites. You can outsource link building in India, as there are many SEO companies that provide quality link building services at affordable rates.

About the Company:

Sharpize Solutions is one of the leading companies for link building in India. They offer the best marketing strategies that are, specifically tailor-made for the client website. Along with their profound and practical understanding of search engine algorithms, they develop content and targeted links building.

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