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Types of Transportation Services for Wheelchair Patients and Choosing the Best

Author: Navdeep Dadwal
by Navdeep Dadwal
Posted: Jan 31, 2024
wheelchair patients

Transportation is a vital instrument in our daily lives. Whether you are a child going to school or a retired person, you are bound to depend on some form of transportation for the smooth functioning of daily life. It is no different for people with disabilities who require mobility assistance. Thus, having the right transportation services for wheelchair patients is necessary for society.

Transportation services for wheelchair patients ensure they face no problems during travel and can easily move from one place to another. Whether you wish to go on a trip or simply visit your doctor, these services allow you to travel without having to depend on anybody. If you are wondering what exactly transportation services for wheelchair patients are and how they are different from your regular ones, keep reading. We aim to discuss the types of transportation services available for wheelchair patients and how to make the right choice.

What We Mean by Transportation Services for Wheelchair Patients

Certain transportation services have equipment and facilities to accommodate and attend to the needs of wheelchair patients. Such services are constructed with the priority of wheelchair patients in mind.

They are different from any other form of transport in many ways. Here are some of the major differences:

  • They can accommodate wheelchairs.
  • They have special safety belts and clutches for extra protection.
  • They may carry wheelchairs.
  • Some of the transportation services for wheelchair patients come with caregivers
  • Some
wheelchair-friendly transportation companies have well-built infrastructure to handle emergencies.

Types of Transportation Services for Wheelchair Patients

Special Taxis

We see a recent surge in taxis providing transportation services for wheelchair patients. It is a specialized service for old or disabled patients. Such taxis offer safe rides to passengers. They allow customers to travel with their wheelchairs. The proper networking of such services can transform the experience as a whole for such patients.

However, such transportation services for wheelchair patients are not the safest and can be difficult to find in remote areas. Passengers have reported being mistreated by the drivers. In some cases, the drivers have refused to give a ride even after accepting a booking. Since it is not an organized service, drivers do not feel responsible for their passengers, which leads to extreme inconvenience for the latter.

Special Public Transport

Special public transport refers to public vehicles with special seating arrangements or accommodations for wheelchair patients. Such services are rare and thus may not be the best option for most people. Moreover, these are seldom door-to-door services; thus, you will always have to rely on somebody else.

NEMT Services

Non-emergency medical transportation services provide the best option for people with disabilities. It can be used on several occasions and for many purposes. A lot of people who are involved in supporting family member with disabilities recommend NEMT services over all other transportation services for wheelchair patients.

NEMT vans are equipped with all safety equipment and do not compromise the quality of service they provide. Moreover, caregivers are assigned to each patient to look after them during the trip. These caregivers are well-trained in wheelchair transfer, first aid, and CPR. Besides accompanying patients in their journey, they also ensure they will be able to handle the situation in case of any emergency.

These vehicles can also be used as hospital discharge transportation. When taking a wheelchair-supported patient home from the hospital, arranging for a safe vehicle is essential. Ambulances are easy to get during an emergency, but it is almost impossible to fetch one when returning home.

NEMT services have helped thousands of people all across the country and continue to evolve and adapt to new technology, making the experience smoother and more convenient for patients.

Final Words

There are many transportation services for wheelchair patients today. But choosing the right option is crucial as you want to eliminate any inconvenience or unsafe element that might negatively affect you or your loved ones. Make the right choice by weighing the pros and cons of each option. When making your decision, take into account the condition of the patient involved and what requirements they may have during the transit.

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