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Martial Art Training for Fitness and Weight Loss

Author: Naquan Meyer
by Naquan Meyer
Posted: Jan 25, 2015

If your objective is to enhance your fitness or lose the extra pound you have, but you require to do something more exhilarating than running on a treadmill to keep you encouraged, possibly you must consider performing a martial art such as kickboxing, judo, or karate.

In this post, we list the top 4 reasons to take into account doing a martial art for fitness & weight loss to assist you decide if performing one is appropriate for you.

Martial arts for weight loss:

It is no happenstance that personal trainers, gyms and makers of exercise videos & DVD’s are now seriously incorporating training methods and exercises from a wide range of martial arts in their training.

Kung Fu Aerobics, Cardio-Kickboxing, Boxercise, Tae Bo, and personal instructors using kicking pads, punching bags and focus mitts in their training sessions are just a few instances of how martial arts training is being employed in cardio exercises for fitness and weight loss.

Since martial art training is of high intensity and generally lasts for an hour in most cases, it burns out a maximum number of calories per workout and is hence ideal for anybody who wishes to lose weight and lose it quick.

Martial arts for fitness:

Most martial arts Manhattan slots in drills and exercises that enhance cardiovascular fitness and stamina, help develop muscle strength and enhance muscle elasticity, so they’re ideal for anybody wanting to enhance their overall health.

Enhancing the size, shape and strength of your muscles needs you to frequently subject them to some type of resistance exercises. Martial arts training aids offer this training by requiring you to do exercises like squats and push-ups using your own body weight for stamina.

Martial arts for self-confidence:

Apart from offering you the ability to defend yourselves, one great personal benefit that martial art training offer is high extent of self-confidence.

This self-belief partly consequence from the knowledge that you’re much better able to defend yourselves given that you’ve done some martial arts exercises, but it too comes from a sense of accomplishment once you start to master the skills taught to you and the new self-belief that consequence from feeling fitter & stronger.

Martial arts for body balance & coordination:

Apart from helping you to become fitter & stronger, martial arts training generally involve the mastery of a variety of techniques that need you to be well-balanced and have great body coordination.

About Author:

Naquan Meyer is a degree black belt karate instructor with over 20 years of experience in the martial arts and has been training and teaching karate for over 8 years at martial arts Manhattan. Naquan has also competed at national and international fighting levels.Learn expert Karate techniques from author and master Karate Instructor Naquan the true meaning of Karate and become proficient in the Martial arts NYC at

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