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Breaking Chains: Navigating Drug And Alcohol Rehab In Newark, NJ

Author: Harish Steve
by Harish Steve
Posted: Feb 12, 2024

In 2017, in the United States, approximately 38% of adults lived with drug addiction, and approximately 74% of those also had problems with alcohol addiction. According to a report by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, addictions cost more than $740 billion to the American people in healthcare costs, lost productivity, and addiction-related crimes.

Greater Essex Counseling Services provides a range of drug rehab and alcohol counseling services. We provide medication-assisted treatments, drug and alcohol abuse counseling, mental health treatment, psychiatric evaluations, and monitored drug screens. Other programs and options for treatment on an in-patient or outpatient basis are also found throughout the area, with various programs using different approaches to addiction recovery.

Understanding Addiction

In drug and alcohol treatment centers in Newark, addiction is often called a substance abuse disorder. It is a chronic disease that creates compulsive cravings, seeking, and using a substance even when the behavior has negative or even life-threatening consequences. The result of addictions to alcohol or drugs can result in significant problems with interpersonal relationships, dysfunctional emotional responses, behavioral problems, and potentially life-threatening medical conditions.

In Essex County, a 2020 report by the State of New Jersey shows that 82,254 treatment admissions for substance abuse occurred, with heroin and alcohol the two primary reasons for the admission. In addition, individuals over 35 years of age made up most admissions, with males almost doubling admissions over females in the county. Blacks were also admitted to programs at almost triple the rate of Whites and Hispanics.

Why Choose Greater Essex Counseling Services in Newark for Rehab?

One of the many benefits of choosing Greater Essex Counseling Services is our reputation as one of the leading drugs and alcohol treatment centers in Newark. We are a recognized drug addiction assessment center in NJ, with experienced staff who are compassionate and professional in completing assessments and developing individualized treatment plans for each patient.

As a local drug and alcohol rehab, we are also conveniently located, helping our patients to keep appointments and get treatment in their own community. We provide both out patient (OP) and intensive out patient (IOP) programs, with 8 or 18 hours per week, respectively. This can be very beneficial to patients working in the community or those with a strong network of family and friends supporting them in their recovery.

Our programs include group counseling, individual counseling, and the option to attend Anger Management sessions. Various topics are covered in group sessions to help manage addiction, understand the stages of recovery, build communication skills, learn about finances, employment and work readiness, and in addressing the challenges of grief and loss.

Treatment Process

There are specific steps in attending our drug and alcohol assessment center in NJ. The first step is an individual assessment, which allows our counselors to understand the specific issues facing the patient. This is one of the keys to our programs, and it involves a tailored plan that is designed just for the individual.

This personalized treatment plan addresses the specific issues of the individual, ensuring they will have the support and services needed. We also provide a drug and alcohol rehab guide that provides the individual with an understanding of their program and the expectations to complete the treatment.

Alcohol and drug addiction counseling in both group and individual sessions is designed to increase awareness and build the skills and knowledge needed to manage the addiction and move towards specific goals. These goals could include finding a job, practicing yoga and meditation, completing the 12-Step program, or making specific life changes.

Throughout treatment, our staff is here to coordinate services with other treatment providers, including transitioning patients to other drug and alcohol treatment facilities in Newark if we are unable to meet their specific needs.

Support Services

Greater Essex Counseling Services provides a range of support services that occur both during and after rehab. As mentioned above, the patient will have a combination of individual and group counseling sessions, as well as the option to complete anger management training.

We also work closely with other agencies, support groups, and counseling resources throughout the county. These include the many 12-step program meetings in the area, as well as our own alumni and peer groups. We also offer aftercare and relapse prevention, which is a critical aspect of the success of many of our patients.

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To find out more about the drug and alcohol recovery services offered by Greater Essex Counseling Services, call us today at 973-623-7878.

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