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Most Common Injuries in Endurance Sports and How to Treat Them?

Author: Checkmy Level
by Checkmy Level
Posted: Jan 27, 2015

People who love the hub for the endurance training should also be aware about the injuries related with the sports. In this post, I’m gonna share you about the most common injuries in endurance sports.

Throwers, sprinters and jumpers really log the miles. Although fifty plus miles a week is not uncommon but there are few common injuries related with the high mileages. Additionally, the athlete’s ability to push through the pain, these injuries may not seem too cause severe pain.

Here are the three most common endurance injuries:

1. Ankle sprains/strains and personal tendonitis:

Ankle sprains are the most traumatic injury that occurs in most endurance sport players. This type of injury may vary occurring to its severity.

Immediate and proper treatment with chiropractic adjustment after the ankle train or icing the injury for 10 minutes can significantly reduce the healing time. Before running again after the treatment, soft tissue care is also essential along with special attention on proper biometrics and rehab training.

Athletes should consider proprioceptive rehab training for the injury else would end up complaining of the same injury of personal tendonitis.

2. Stress fractures:

Injuries like calcaneus that affect the bones of foot are the most common endurance injury. The symptoms include tenderness, pain and swelling but not limited to the stress fractures. A competitive runner is suspected to a stress fracture is sent to the MRI for confirmation of the actual source of the problem. Depending upon the images if they reveal a stress fracture or reaction, the athlete is sidelined for a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks.

Following this period, another MRI is taken and if the images still reveal anything similar to stress reaction, then the athlete need to sit out for two more weeks thereby missing an entire session.

3. Achilles tendonitis:

Numerous athletes complain of the severed achilles tendons. Most of the competitive athletes with detached Achilles are referred to surgical consultation. The athletes who have been suffering from Achilles tendonitis for years need treatment for three times a week.

You need to use the ice-bucket for four to five times a day for about seven minutes. Roll the calves and quads daily. Once the tendonitis is under control, you can continue to consult with your healthcare provider for performing specific mobility exercises once a month.

You must have been now aware about the top three endurance injury that affects an athlete. You can use ice in every injury as this will help to deal with the foot pain. Consulting a specialist will help you treat the injuries in endurance sports more easily without costing you to be out of the game for months.

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