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What Is A Mandibular Surgery And The Advantage To Patients Suffering From Jaws Imbalance?

Author: Adrina Sen
by Adrina Sen
Posted: Jan 28, 2015

There are many things that lead to discomfort and pain in the jaws and joints surrounding to the jaws. They are commonly known as TMJ that is Temporomandibular Joint. They cause pain and discomfort in the jaws and its movements. This particular disease affects women more than men, in the beginning, the causes may not ring the serious bells, but ultimately it may lead to mandibular surgery. Due to this reason one should know the starting symptoms of the jaws pain and malfunctioning, so that it can be recognized and proper care can be taken to avoid the surgery.

The pain in the temporomandular joint may lead to the surgery if proper treatment is not taken in the earlier stage. Therefore, let us know what is temporomandular joint? What are the problems faced by the patients when something goes wrong in this joint. The mandible the medical name given to lower jaw connected to the temporal bone for secure placement of the jaw. The movements are interdependent and these movements allow us to speak, move, churn, eat, swallow, yawn moving our temporal muscle and jaw joint side by side. The formation and function of these muscles and jaw bone is quite different from other joints found in the human body. It is very distinctive and complex arrangement that facilities all the functions of the orthodontics.

Any one of the symptoms mentioned below may lead to the mandibular surgery if not treated in the beginning stage. Some of the defects might occur due to accidents, while some of the defects might have developed over the years, slowly without any apparent struggle to regain the normalcy.

Patients may feel discomfort or pain in the muscles.

Displaced disc, displaced jaw and internal discomfort due to derangement of the joints, or pain experienced or injury to the condyle.

Some joint disorders produced by the arthritis and this can produce temporomandibular pain.

It is also possible that a person can be suffering from more than one condition mentioned above.

This particular situation is often found to be associated with other health conditions such as sleep disturbance, or fibromyalgia, fatigue syndrome, especially when it is a fatigue syndrome, health problems concerned with the mandibular joints are noticed.

Some of the diseases like rheumatic pain cause inflammation of the tissues and other body joints, and it may drastically affect the health condition of the jaws, but, still today, the exact relationship has not been found out.

It is considered as one of the complicated surgeries as much complications and care has to be observed to conduct this surgery and in all the cases, preoperative steps are followed carefully without allowing any deviations. The Mandibular Jaw surgery is performed only by the skillful, trained and expert surgeons. Methods to combat after effects of the surgery will be explained to the patients by the surgeons, who should be followed to escape from the post surgical pains and it will subside gradually without any problem. Patients need to be on a soft diet as they need to get adjusted to the new jaw position set by the surgery.

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