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A Swedish profession real-estate kontor – the appropriate answer to your rental hunting

Author: Paul Malot
by Paul Malot
Posted: Jan 28, 2015

The beginning of the financial crisis and the consequences it had on the real estate market were the two defining aspects that made everyone reconsider the idea of buying an apartment as being mandatory. As prices obviously reached surprisingly high points, rental seems to be the only solution for a decent living. Nonetheless, occupying a vacant apartment or a Lediga lokaler, as the Swedish would call it, comes with a wide range of new possibilities and benefits and it can also be a significant money saver.

There was a time when social rented housing was available for people that didn’t afford exaggerated rental prices and could have access to lower prices. Local wages and poverty directly contributed to the adjustment of rental prices that usually were set around 50% of normal lediga lokaler. Nowadays, this so-called "affordable housing" is far from being affordable, as rental prices set by local kontor are higher than ever before. People on low income simply cannot afford renting an apartment of the quality it used to have decades ago when the real estate market relied on logical strategies. Facing the paradox of modest living at exorbitant prices, some people perceive low-rent living as being appropriate to the actual real estate context.

When looking for renting an apartment, the majority of people concentrate on certain aspects that they consider important: location (the apartment has to be well-situated in the context of the city), budget (costs have to be in concordance with what the apartment has to offer) and physical conditions (everybody is looking for a well-adjusted habitation). However, few people have discovered the benefits of a low-rent experience, that doesn’t involve living in a well-located lediga lokaler, or paying extravagant costs, not even choosing an apartment with a sparkling physical state. Living in a low-rent condition can actually be a solution worth taken into consideration. First of all, renting a small apartment through a real-estate kontor can finally make you realize the less is more. Making economy of space can determine you to strictly own what you really need.

Moreover, looking for an available low-rent lediga lokaler will make you worry less for spending money and concentrate more on doing what you really want. High-price rents are always another headache to take care of, another monthly expense that nearly reduces your budget to the minimum. Therefore, being pretentions on its rental possibilities comes at a price, the price of living on the edge of budget. However, if you contact a real estate kontor and choose for a less satisfying apartment at a lower price, you will regain a financial peace of mind and stop worrying that the interest rate goes up half a point. Likewise, paying a higher rent requires you to work more hours or constantly seek for a better job in order to pay the rent and other expenses. Nonetheless, if you resume to a low-rent apartment, you don’t have to face the stress of having a job that involves a lot of working overtime as paying the rent won’t be a number one priority anymore.

ResourceBox: Searching for an affordable Lediga lokaler that can save you money and a peace of mind? You can rely on a professional real estate Kontor that can help you find rent according to your requirement.

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