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Tips For Effective Maintenance Of Your Garage Door

Author: John Drivs
by John Drivs
Posted: Sep 27, 2013

Most of us might have come across a situation where our garage door does not function properly and to prevent the arising of such a situation regular maintenance is highly essential. The door has many parts like garage door sensors, openers, etc… that are to be checked individually for ensuring its smooth functioning. This is because most of its components are inter-connected with one another and therefore proper maintenance of each garage door part is highly essential. Maintenance tips for some of its parts are given in the following content:

Opener: For a garage owner with manual operating system, it is better to regularly oil the chains of the opening and the best way to do this is, to damp the rag with oil and to rub it over the chain. If he has remote opening system, it is better to regularly inspect the antenna position to ensure that it is facing the floor of the garage. It is also necessary to check the hanger bracket bolts to find whether they are tight.

Hinge bolts: As mentioned earlier, the hinge bolts should be tight on both sides of the panels since they are safely holding the rollers. Both rollers and hinge bolts should be lubricated regularly for ensuring smooth their functioning.

Tracks: Sometimes there might be huge gap between the door and the track and the permitted limit for smooth functioning is ¼ to ½ th inch in opening and closing positions. It should not be wider and if it is wider, it should be checked immediately.

Door sensors: Sensor is an important part in the door of a garage and proper functioning of the entrance depends on the sensor. For ensuring the proper functioning of sensor, it is essential to place a 2x4 lumber or a cardboard at the bottom of the door and it should be closed and after closing if it reopens after touching the cardboard or lumber, then proper working of the sensor can be ensured. If it is not reopening, it is better to check the wires and alignment of the garage door sensors to make sure that they are properly fixed.

Torsion springs: For rust free functioning of garage door parts, penetrating grease should be sprayed on the torsion springs. Here, the user should be careful not to do any adjustments to the torsion springs since they are sensitively fixed.

If any part of the door should be replaced, the part can be purchased online from reliable online stores meant for this purpose.

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