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Where Do I Find The African Ground Squirrel?

Author: Vikram Kumar
by Vikram Kumar
Posted: Jan 29, 2015

African Ground Squirrels are unique rodents that are only found in Africa. They live in grasslands, open woodlands and in rocky countries. This is because they are terrestrial and diurnal who find their homes in burrows. They are found in most counties in Africa with the South African Ground Squirrels being found in the southern countries such as Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and in South Africa. They love sandy areas where they are able to dig burrows for communication.

These South African squirrels do not however have specific breeding seasons. You can place your eyes on litters on the ground between July and October. Their gestation periods go only for 48 days and therefore you can be able to wean their babies after 52 days. They can yield 1 to 3 babies and male mature at about 8 months while the female ones take up to 10 months.

What Is The Food For The African Ground Squirrel?

If you intend to keep the African Ground Squirrel as a pet then you should be able to provide food for it throughout their lives. It is therefore very important for you to learn about the kind of food they love. These squirrels are entirely vegetarians with their food comprising about 80-100% plants. Other things that make up the diet are mainly insects. Does this mean you have to go hunting for insects in the bush for your squirrel? No. The squirrel can nibble on the meat instead. This makes the feeding of your pet squirrel easy and simple.

You can prepare a nice cage for your pet squirrel and place fresh bedding, water bottle, and clean food dish. They will require a wooden hid out for nesting. You should always remember to remove unused food daily and clean the food dish.

Why The Story Of The Tortoise And The Hare Is Still Famous?

Every time I remember this story, I go through my library to look up and read it again. I used to read it loudly when I was young and I think the joke is louder when I read it quietly today. The story of the tortoise and the hare is a fable from Aesop and is one of the most famous world stories. The two animals are the exact opposite of each other when it comes to speed but they decided to participate in a unique race.

Like most people in the world today, the hair was very overconfident and I can feel the laughter of pity to the tortoise by this hare when the tortoise agreed to participate. This story has had several interpretations but either way, there is a lesson to be learnt in whichever way you interpret. We all know the cunning character of the Hare, which is much reflected by the tortoise tricks to winning the unusual race.

The story gives insights of ingenuity, diligence, enthusiasm, and sobriety that make

you a winner. Like the tortoise, we should be clever and be willing to persevere until the end of every life race. Never be too overconfident lest you fail to start your goal in time.

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