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A Daily Dose of Your Favorite Pass Time

Author: Vikram Kumar
by Vikram Kumar
Posted: Jan 31, 2015

Since the olden days, people have been smoking cigarettes. The only difference is that today they are safer in comparison to the ones used long time ago. Filter has an important job of filtering toxins that are harmful to the health of human. You might wonder why Djarum Black Cigarettes are so popular. One thing that will catch your attention is the bold design it has. The cigarette is black giving it a slick look. Tobacco is blended with cloves to give it a sensational taste. This is what makes it popular among young smokers. The design of the packet oozes confidence and elegance. The best thing about clove cigarettes is that the look matches the experience that one gets after smoking. Looks are sometimes not deceiving in this case.

The Best Type of Brand

Djarum Black is a sub barand of Djarum cigarettes. The tobacco and clove are blended together and rolled in lack paper. High chances are that you will find clove cigarettes in a local store around your area. They are sold internationally but some countries have put a ban. This makes it illegal to Buy Clove Cigarettes in such countries. Djarum black are unique type of cigarettes. They have scented flavor. It has a filter, which is coated with spices. This makes the air you inhale have a sweet taste. The spices on the filter are also sourced from Indonesia. What makes products from Indonesia great is that their natural aura has not been interfered with like other developed and developing countries.

Less Toxins Compared To Others

Although all cigarettes have toxins, Djarum Black Cigarettes has fewer than others these make it a bit safe. One thing that Djarum producers are good at is marketing. Tobacco leaves used to produce clove cigarettes are naturally grown, no artificial chemicals or additives are included during their growth period. The cigarettes pack is really a piece of art. It is black unlike most of the common brands of cigarettes. Inside the pack, the cigarettes are tightly packed to avoid being squished while they are being shipped. It is cheaper to purchase the cigarettes in large quantities. 1 carton should be the list that you can buy. Purchasing small quantities will cost you more. A carton contains 10 packs of Djarum black. In each pack, there are 16 sticks of the beautifully blended cigarettes.

Djarum cigarettes have another name, kretek. The name originated from the sound that is produced when a person inhales and burning of the tobacco leaves occurs. Since its inception back in 2001, the cigarette has grown and has become popular amongst smokers and even none smokers are aware of the brand that everyone is talking about. There are various variants of the original Djarum Black Cigarettes. This is to cater for individual taste preferences. It exudes sophistication and modernity. It truly is an excellent cigarette and if you have not tried it yet, get a hold of a packet and experience the feeling first hand.

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Depending on which country you are currently, it is easy to get your hands on Djarum Black Cigarettes. With the current boom on online shopping, and fast shipping services, you can Buy Clove Cigarettes from various stores around the world.

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