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How to Choose a Whirlpool Bath

Author: Marin Algwfv
by Marin Algwfv
Posted: Jan 31, 2015

Gently easing into a whirlpool bath is like having a professional massage, or lying down on a soft, sandy beach. You feel your tension and stress melt away. The discomfort of the day disappears as the warm jets of water massage and soothe your muscles. Whirlpool baths were once considered luxury items – only for the rich – but today they are affordable and well within the reach of many families. With a wide range of styles and types available, how do you choose the right whirlpool tub for your needs? Here are a few things to think about when you shop for your new whirlpool tub.

Different whirlpool baths have different features and they range in size. A smaller whirlpool bath may not have all the features of larger baths but it can be more economical to purchase and easier to fit in the average bathroom. Larger tubs are easier to use, however, because you have more space and they are better for bathing small children and even your family dog (if he’s got a taste for luxury.) Take a look at the range of baths available from to see the complete range of sizes available. Obviously, the choice of bath will depend on how much space you have in the bathroom, and how much space you want to devote to the bathtub. When you are shopping for a tub, take off your shoes and climb inside the tub so see if it feels comfortable and is big enough for your needs. If you are particularly tall, or tall members of the family will be using the bath, then a longer tub will be necessary.

Keep in mind that larger baths with more features will often require more plumbing work. You may need to upgrade your water heater so that you have enough hot water, on demand, for the whirlpool bath. If you are considering what size to choose, seek professional advice about where the tub will fit and how it will be fitted. Also consider whether you will need to reinforce the floor if you are installing a larger bath than you previously had. Septic tanks and whirlpool baths may not mix, so seek advice to check that the tank can handle the extra water.

Once you have decided on the general size of the bath, you can look at the different features available with each model. For example, you can find whirlpool baths with showers incorporated into the design. If you opt for this option you have the choice between a slow, leisurely soak and a quick rinse when you need to get out of the door to go to work. You can also choose between air jets and water jets. Both these types of jet system provide a relaxing massage although water jets are generally more difficult to maintain. Choose a tub that has a high quality finish that will be easy to care for and keep its looks over the long term. This can make all the difference to the overall satisfaction you get from your new whirlpool bath.

Louise Carr is a freelance writer specializing in homes and gardens. Topics of interest include the whirlpool bath, new bathrooms, and bathroom design tips.

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