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Modalities And Typical Uses Of Piezo Element And Discs

Author: Irving Blair
by Irving Blair
Posted: Feb 03, 2015

Piezoelectricity has been diversified in many purposes. In 1880, two French physicists found the phenomenon of piezoelectricity. The word piezo is derived from the Greek word "Piezein". It is the phenomenon of developing electric field upon application of stress and conversely mechanical deformation upon the application of electric field. Piezo technology has got into some high-end technology markets like medical, automotive, mechanical and semi-conductor technology. The piezo element that was profoundly used for piezoelectric effects was Quartz. The crystalline properties helped in generating electric charge upon the application of mechanical stress.

Most of the piezo ceramic elements used in different equipments are the piezo discs, rings, bars, plates, and rods, tubes which convert mechanical forces such as force, pressure, strain or acceleration in electric voltages. And it also does the converse with turning electrical voltage into mechanical motion or oscillations. The elements are used in sensors or ultrasonic applications. Most of the manufacturers are using PZT based ceramic materials that exhibits strong piezoelectric effects which can be used in transducers over a wide frequency range. Some of the typical applications are:

  • Ultrasonic welders
  • Nebulizers
  • Accelerometers
  • Piezoelectric transducers/actuators
  • Deepwater Hydrophones

The piezo discs are also known as piezo ceramic discs or piezo benders or piezo diaphragms. The piezo elements are adhered to metal plates like materials of brass, stainless steel, nickel-alloy, etc. The sound is created from the movement of the metal plate. The discs are classified into types: External-driven and self-driven. The external-driven types do not have a feedback electrode. It produces sound on the input signals from external oscillating circuit. This way is used to make speakers. The external-driven method is used when multi-tones is desired.

The self-driven type has a feedback electrode and it produces sound through direct voltage application and self-oscillation. This method is used for single tone but yet high sound pressure level. Some of the features of piezo discs are:

  • Low power consumption
  • Light-weight
  • Strong
  • Less cost
  • Used in acoustic equipments

There are certain applications in which the piezo elements are used such as:

  • Ultrasonic wave nebulizers: It has an electronic oscillator which can generate high frequency ultrasonic wave causing mechanical vibration of the element. The element is contacted with the liquid reservoir that produces instant vapor mist due to the vibration.
  • Alarming systems: These elements are used for safety and security oriented devices like fire alarms, burglar alarms, gas leakage alarms, etc.
  • Music instruments: Acoustic instruments like Guitar also require this element to produce the vibrations.
  • Accelerometer: Electric signals are generated by the sensor plate from dynamic pressure fluctuations.
  • Parking aids: A transducer could be help in the back of vehicle for the drivers to know about the obstacles while reversing the vehicle.

There are multiple uses of the piezo components as these are the most effective parts at normal expenses. They are already the best for industrial and household related acoustic appliances. Various manufacturers are offering different products like piezo buzzers, sounders, speakers and other stuff with RoHS compliance.

Irving Blair is an acoustic equipment expert. He uses various acoustic products and reviews its performance. Recently he reviewed piezo element and recommend this piezo disc for various industrial usages.

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