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3 Wheel Mobility Scooter: Components

Author: Todd Dawson
by Todd Dawson
Posted: Feb 06, 2015

Thanks to the innovations in technology; independence is just a device away for a wheelchair bound person at present. Truly, a mobility scooter can do wonders in your life. However, shopping for one may appear time-consuming. An idea of the components of a scooter would help you take an informed decision.

Shopping for a 3 wheel mobility scooter

Following are the factors which come to play when shopping for a mobility scooter.

  • Wheels: If your choice falls on a 3-wheeler, you get a device ideal for use both indoors and outdoors. They are easy to maneuver and you would definitely love to have one at your disposal all the time.
  • Drive train: Go for the rear-drive or front-drive options available. Rear-wheel options are meant for indoor use. They are generally compact; easy to transport using a lift. But, you can only drive them on a level surface.
  • Tires: Determine the type of tires you want. Smaller mobile scooters are sturdy; they don’t get punctured easily. The larger versions generally use pneumatic tires. These may be easy to drive. However, you would have to check them at regular intervals.
  • Control box: It is located at the top of the tiller. It features everything you want to regulate your scooter; the direction and speed regulators, battery charge indicator etc.
  • Ignition: You should insert your scooter key into the ignition to start the device. There are also models which do not have this facility. You just have to switch on or off a switch to start or stop the vehicle.
  • Tiller: This is the steering of the vehicle. It can be a handle bar or a delta tiller.
  • Electromagnetic brakes: They automatically get engaged when you stop the vehicle.
  • Speed dial: As the name suggests, it allows you to regulate the speed. The force you apply on this will determine how fast your scooter will travel. Most of the models feature the sign of a tortoise to indicate the slowest and a hare for the fastest setting. Some may even allow you to fix the speed limit as per the safety regulations in your State.
  • Horn: This helps you alert the pedestrians moving alongside. It automatically gets switched on when you reverse the scooter.
  • Freewheel: The feature allows you to manually push the vehicle through a tight space. Make sure to turn on the drive mode when you start driving it.


When planning to buy a scooter, start your search with a dealer. The expert will make sure that you get the maximum value for your money. Some may even help you to get the required insurance protection for your device. A renowned retailer may even arrange for financing facilities if you find it difficult to locate the funds required for the purchase.

The expense is sure to strain your budget especially in your old age. You may be trying to minimize spending to extend the available resources to lead a comfortable life. Still, a 3 wheel mobility scooter is worth the investment. You will save huge in the long run.

Latest models of 3 and 4 wheel Pride Mobility medical scooters are available at Los Angeles Better Life Mobility Center. Check prices, specifications and compare models of 3 wheel scooters at this link.

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