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Posted: Feb 07, 2015
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The Master Program in Management has been designed according to the nature of graduate studies at this level and, therefore, its curriculum presents a wide variety of content and organizational forms thereof.

It has been established curriculum that includes courses in general training level two cycles, one of the "essential elements of management? And other" advanced elements of management? And a plan specialized training in subjects including "specific topics of management?

At the stage of training to students in the Mantissa College attempting to develop knowledge, conceptualization, identification, definition and interrelatedness of all fundamental aspects that are present in organizational management, both from an internal or external, objective and value perspective qualitative and quantitative, theoretical and empirical society, business and individuals.

The curriculum of the Mantissa College encourages specialization training through the set of materials listed in a specific area of knowledge management in organizations. In it the traditional business functions such as Marketing, Finance and Human Resources appear. There is also the possibility of concentrating on strategic management studies in specific areas.

The methodology of the European Masters Program is based on the participatory nature of their classes that allows the use of the work experience of each student. Thus, the Master seeks to challenge and shake routines and inertia professionals accumulate over time, training managers and entrepreneurs that combine both a mastery of management techniques as adequate capacity for teamwork.

The teaching is dynamic, based on a constant interaction student - teacher. The development of the courses is based on participatory classes where theoretical presentations are combined with discussion of case studies and sharing of experience of the participants.

To all those students who pass the course and meet the qualification requirements mentioned will be given the title Master in Business Administration, Course at the Mantissa College.

Among its goals, the program seeks to: develop managers with strategic and global vision, taking into account the importance which represents a higher degree of MBA for professionals in the competitive world of knowledge era.

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