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Things to consider while choosing Granite countertops

Author: Roney Errot
by Roney Errot
Posted: Oct 10, 2013

Granite is a composition of numerous stones like silica, mica, quartz, feldspar, obsidian and some other stones. People choose Granite Countertops over and above other alternatives like corium, silicon and laminate, do so mainly because of its beauty. Every individual slab of granite is made of unique crystals having different variations of color and depth. The best part of the stone is that it does not change its color. The lecture or brilliance remains the same all the time. You will find it to be the same as it was years back. It finds its utility in the various parts of the world. Some of the countries are United States of America, Brazil, China, Italy, India, Canada, Sri Lanka and Norway.

The cost of Granite Countertops dealdepends and varies as per the square footage. Apart from this, there are other factors too which determines its selection. The common ones are backsplash and edge. The edges are rounded up by ¼ inches and are 6.35 mm wide. This is the standard measurement, size and shape. There is an increase in price with the help of a special edge. The countertops are extremely durable in nature. You do not have to place a warranty on the material because it is natural and not manmade. This is the hidden advantage of using natural substances. They stand as a guarantee themselves. You might need a warranty by the installer but not for the material. There are certain substances which are not friendly to the countertops made of granite. Some of these are wine, acidic chemicals and mustard oils. You are going for wise decisions if you are opting for a Granite Countertops deal. Granite is resistant to heat and does not form scratches. They do not produce blisters and does not crack if used normally. You can also apply warm water at the time of cleaning granite. A dish soap having a light color can also be applied on it. There are special stone cleaners available in the market. It is wise not to use abrasive cleaners on the substance. You will have to reseal granite at the time when moisture soaks into it. It is better to do it instead of beading up. It is good to reseal the countertops at least once or twice in a year. Some professionals also advice to use the applications of a paste waxes that is a non-yellowing mass. You won’t even require a special expertise in order to reseal the countertops. The reason being, every individual seal is unique in nature. This is taken into consideration if one single part has to be replaced. It will not be compatible with an original countertop. Some of installer tends to avoid seams and Discounted Granite tops. They prefer to use corium countertops. This is only an exceptional case. The location of seams is greatly dependent on the layout of countertop and also the support it requires. It also provides the necessary support it requires. Seams are also filled up with epoxies that are color coordinated. Silestone is an alternative to granite.

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