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by R Anoop Webspy
Posted: Feb 10, 2015
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Though it may seem like acupuncture is a new development to treating things like pain, anxiety, depression, arthritis and a host of other symptoms, this is only true in the western world. The ancient Chinese have been using Acupuncture to treat physical and psychological ailments since before the dawn of modern medicine, and science is continually confirming its positive impact on overall health. If you live in the San Francisco area, or even just visiting, there are options for treatment available to you.

The Acupuncture Process

Acupuncture is the act, or more the science, of stimulating certain points along the skin using very fine needles. By stimulating these points, your body can essentially “realign” itself, regulating the nervous, endocrine, and circulatory systems. It is often associated or enhanced with the application of heat, pressure, or laser lights to the same points of entry as the needles. Traditional methods involve both moxibustion and cupping therapy as well. It is said, in the traditional Chinese practices, that stimulating certain points in the body helps to correct imbalances in the life energy known as qi through channels known as meridians. To perform all the functions required of it, qi needs to be able to flow steadily throughout the body, and if the channels get blocked ailments begin to occur. Disease is often perceived as a disharmony or imbalance of some kind due to these blockages, acupuncture has shown to relieve symptoms and even cure certain diseases. Though still considered alternative medicine and even pseudoscience, one has to wonder why it's been practiced for so long if it didn't work.

Symptoms Treatable With Acupuncture

Though the list is growing as more discoveries are being made, acupuncture has proven to be an effective reliever of stress, anxiety, back and neck pain, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, chronic dizziness and even depression. Using traditional diagnosing methods, a practitioner will be able to determine which points needs to be treated and for how long each treatment should last. Repeat sessions may be needed for more advanced symptoms or chronic illnesses. Other uses, which are still under debate and undergoing research, are headaches and migraines, fertility, obesity, post-stroke symptoms, Tinnitus, and other rheumatological conditions.

Acupuncture in the San Francisco Area.

In 1996, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reclassified acupuncture needles as a Class II medical device, allowing their use by qualified practitioners. All states permit the procedure to be administered, so if you're being referred by another physician or just looking to get some work done; Inquisitive Owl is a fine establishment. They are profoundly dedicated to the health and well-being of people, and have served over 2000 patients, receiving outstanding reviews by people who have experienced their services first hand.

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