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Recognizing Fee-Based and Commission-Based Financial Advice in Singapore for Foreigners

Author: Daniel Vettori
by Daniel Vettori
Posted: Jul 10, 2024

Not every foreigner manages their assets and investments with the help of a financial counsellor. Studies, however, indicate that British expats who actively seek out Singapore's top financial adviser for expats are less likely to get into financial difficulties and will be able to increase their assets over time.

Professionals with years of expertise in the sector have received professional training in managing the finances of foreign nationals. Therefore, they are in the greatest position to comprehend the particular difficulties faced by foreigners living in Singapore and to identify the most workable solutions for them.

You should be somewhat informed about fee-based and commission-based financial advice as an expat living in Singapore in order to always choose the best course of action for your maximum advantage.

Fee-only Financial Counselling

There are two globally recognized fee-paying arrangements when it comes to financial advising. These two work on a commission or fee basis.

In Singapore, commission-based financial advice is typically provided to British expatriates. This could be the case since commission-based structures allow advisers to make more money. Nonetheless, the number of fee-only financial advisors is increasing as a result of the industry's strong desire to enhance its reputation.

Foreign nationals should be aware of the distinctions between the two systems and how using financial advice is impacted by each.

Financial Advice Based on Commissions

A financial counselor who works under a commission-based arrangement is paid by the business that makes the financial product. It's comparable to conventional sales in that a seller receives a commission for each item that is sold to a buyer.

The adviser will get a higher commission the harder it is to market the financial product. The Financial planner for British expats in Singapore goals are established by the company that makes the product.

The financial advice for British expats frequently follows up with foreigners who meet the requirements and may be their next target by cold calling them. Advisors typically hang out with their targets at bars, pubs, and clubs in an attempt to woo them. Beneath this outward display of friendliness comes the constant goal of conversion—becoming a target instead of a

It presents a dilemma for foreigners since they are unable to determine if the advice, they are engaging serve their clients' interests or their own.

Even when goods are best suited for their customers, advisors, driven by the need to increase their revenue, sometimes overlook profitable financial alternatives because they will not fulfill their objectives.

The financial product vendors pay advisors a substantial fee, which is essentially a portion of your investment funds. Your income will therefore decline due to negative equity, and it will take time for it to rise.

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