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SEO News and Articles Critical to Businesses

Author: Aditi Banerjee
by Aditi Banerjee
Posted: Feb 12, 2015

There are several factors that attribute to the success of SEO for businesses online. Each factor plays a critical role and when all these factors are brought together in a single strategy for online implementation then the final outcome can really make your day! Seems like a bed of roses? Think again! These factors keep changing just as the search engine algorithms keep changing and that is why businesses should keep abreast of latest SEO news & articles.

Latest search engine optimization news and updates will provide businesses with not only an insight into what is happening in the online marketplace but also on the do's and don’ts. The latest in SEO news & updates is the periodic table of SEO success factors, which spells out the various factors that can take the ranking of a website or brand much higher on search engines.

What is the SEO Periodic Table all about?

As the name sounds, the SEO periodic table revolves around certain fundamental "off-the-page" and "on-the-page" factors, which help in maximizing the outcome of SEO strategies implemented by businesses. These factors include:

  • HTML: Script or code, this is an intrinsic element that is used for creating websites or pages
  • Content: This is one of the key elements of website development and SEO. The success of business SEO will depend on the quality of content
  • Architecture: This refers to the complete structure of the website and involves various elements within the overall site
  • Trust: This is the latest addition in the periodic table and refers to the level of trustworthiness that your website is capable of rendering
  • Links: Links and more links! At the end of the day every piece of SEO news & articles will always focus on the basics of linking and SEO. The focus should be on how your content is linked to your website and other relevant websites as the linking will impact your website rankings.
  • Personal: This is another new addition to the periodic table and focuses on the different ways through which personalized search results can impact your overall SEO
  • Social: Last but not the least is social media optimization or SMO. According to the latest SEO news & updates, businesses need to focus on social recommendations as they will impact website rankings

Each of the above factors or elements of the SEO periodic table will have an impact on overall SEO and each factor will undergo changes based on changes in search engine algorithms. The periodic table has distributed sub-factors under each heading to ensure businesses understand what all they need to focus on in order to achieve success. For example: Content needs to be updated on the website from time to time including development of SEO news & articles.

Content contains several sub-elements like:

  • Quality
  • Research
  • Keywords
  • Engage
  • Fresh
  • Thin
  • Ads

This is quite similar to Google having in excess of 200 ranking factors and according to the latest SEO news & updates; they expand into approximately 10,000 or more sub-factors. The bottom line is that if businesses keep a tab on the latest information, news, and articles related to SEO and update their website or content accordingly then they will enjoy a "win-win" situation in the long run.

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