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3 Things to Consider When Marketing Welding Alloys By Christopher Malone

Author: Amitava Sarkar
by Amitava Sarkar
Posted: Feb 19, 2015

It’s one thing to be grateful for repeat business from customers who’ve bought welding alloys from you for years. It’s quite another to rely entirely on repeat business. The savviest welding industry professionals are always on the lookout for new customers, and they don’t rely solely on current customer testimonials to get the job done. Adding more loyal clientele to your customer base will allow you to expand operations or have a backup plan if your other customers suddenly drop out. To get more customers, you have to focus more on your marketing efforts.

Marketing a niche product like welding alloys can prove a difficult job for all but the most involved in the industry, and if your business is small, you’re unlikely to have a dedicated marketing team on staff. However, there are some basic tenets of marketing that apply almost universally to any product, including welding alloys. You just need to know where you turn to find people who are skilled at applying those marketing strategies specifically to welding alloys. With the help of a manufacturer with a specialty in private label reselling, you’ll be able to channel your marketing efforts into establishing your company as a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Attractive Packaging

Your customers might not stroll down a grocery store’s aisle to pick up some welding alloys, but one of the main strategies that go into marketing a can of peas – the packaging – is part of an effective alloy marketing campaign. You need packaging that’s reflective of your business, something that sets it apart from the competition so your clients and potential clients need only glance at a packaging to know you’re the seller of that product.

Choose a color that’s featured in your logo and letter head, or a color that otherwise represents your business. Select a packaging style that will makes your product stand out, including both the plastic container and blister card and shell pop packaging, if applicable. Talk to the experts who specialize in private label reselling every day for the best advice on making your packaging design stand out.

Brand Name Recognition

When customers come to trust your brand, they spread the word and you attract new customers. However, you have to give them something easy to point at, something that’s instantly recognizable as your business. Work with professionals to design a logo, either of just your company name or the company name plus an image that represents your core company values. Then work with the private label reselling manufacturer to incorporate that logo into your product packaging as part of your campaign.

Spending Wisely

Effective allocation of your marketing budget is almost as important how you choose to market. Small businesses typically only have so much to devote to marketing efforts. If you can’t hire an entire marketing firm, at least look for manufacturers with marketing experience who can help you spend less time and money on your marketing efforts. In other words, if you can trust your manufacturer to design your product packaging, that’s less money you have to spend designing it yourself.

If you buy from a private label reselling welding alloy manufacturer, that doesn’t mean you relinquish control. On the contrary, you work with them to design the packaging that makes the most sense for your business. Plus, you can even request they help you design something beyond the scope of their current offerings.

About the Author: Christopher Malone is a twenty-year veteran in the welding industry who owns a small business in New York. He believes the marketing of electrode welding products is almost as important as the quality of the product.

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