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Workout Programs by Jim Stoppani

Author: Samuel Moore
by Samuel Moore
Posted: Feb 24, 2015

I am in a never ending quest to consistently add changes and variety to my workouts. The last thing I want to do is get stuck doing the same boring workout in the gym every day doing the same exact routines. Maybe it's just my ADHD, but I also believe that constantly adding variety to your workout program does increase your strength training goals. Plus, I like to see what the trainers are doing, so I'm constantly checking myself for bad habits I might be forming during my workouts.

By happenstance I ran into a trainer that advocates for the same workout philosophy as I do. Jim Stoppani has written numerous workout guides for like-minded people like me that absolutely detest the same boring workout routines (or maybe he just has ADHD too). I decided to try a few of these programs out and see how they work.

Shortcut to Size

In the Shortcut to Size program, Jim Stoppani lays out his tried and true principles of developing a strong workout. One of the most important principles Stoppani covers: periodization. And every workout keeps that principle in mind. Week 1 starts with some relatively high rep ranges at 12-15. By the second week most of your workouts are more standard at 9-11 reps ranges. By the fourth week the rep ranges are 3-5. It doesn't stop there; every phase is constantly changing up the intensity for greater variation in your workout. I also enjoyed doing some exercises I haven't really focused on much before, including: Romanian Deadlifts, Hanging Leg Raises, and one-arm smith machine shrugs. Some of the exercises in the program were a little bit difficult for me as they incorporated a lot of internal stabilizing muscles that my previous workouts didn't concentrate on.

Six weeks to sick arms

I was very excited to try the Six Weeks to Sick Arms program, because, well let's be honest, every guy would like bigger arms. The first thing everybody will notice about a guy who works out is when they take one look at their biceps.

Jim Stoppani has a pretty simple workout program that's easy to stick to. Every week the workout changes to hit up your different muscle fibers and constantly stress your muscle from different ways. Stoppani lays out how hammering your muscles can bring you into overreaching, but instead of keeping on hammering them where it leads into over training, Jim Stoppani changes up the approach so your muscles rebound or "supercompensate" for maximum muscle growth. It's definitely worth trying out this workout program to add some variety to your arms, and it doesn't take alot of time to incorporate into your regular workouts.

1-2-3 LEAN

Lastly I wanted to switch it up and focus on a cardio workout program for a few weeks before finishing off. Usually for me that means running a mile on the treadmill or doing a few minutes on the elliptical machine. But Jim Stoppani really pulls no punches with his 1-2-3 workout program with what he calls "Cardioaccelleration" which mixes weigh training and cardio. This workout guide will have you heaving in no time! Typically after each set of weights you're doing one minute of cardio, followed by another set of weights and another minute of cardio. Don't expect a lot of rest with this exercise program! But if you are looking for results shedding fat and cutting up, this is the type of plan that will work.

Over all, I'm happy I ran across Stoppani's pre jym pre workout programs. Don't expect alot of gimmicky tricks or "silver bullet" ideas that often float around the internet. Jim Stoppani has mostly tried and true methods and lays out a lot of research and scientific studies that confirm his workout approach. A lot of these principles like periodization are ones we may already know, but honestly how many of us really incorporate them into our workouts? Sometimes it's good to stick to a workout plan that reinforces our discipline to do them. Rather than just winding up being another guy "floating around" the gym.

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