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The Friendly and Reliable Plumber Melbourne

Author: Michael Allan
by Michael Allan
Posted: Feb 24, 2015

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Holiday season with big meal preparation and extra clean up can be the cause of more waste in the kitchen sink and extra work for your toilet drains. If you are having guests at your place, there will be more clothes washing, toilet use and showers. In some cases the drains are already blocked and you did not notice and when holidays arrive with the extra cooking and guests you see the result as blocked drains and pipes.

Some tips to prevent this are:

Do not throw cooking oils or fats down the drains, as they become solid once in the pipes. Throw the grease from the pots in the trash can.

If you have a garbage disposal, do not put fibrous or starchy waste in it, the device cannot break down poultry skins, celery, potato or fruit peels and might clog your drains. Whenever you put food on the garbage disposal, first turn it on, and then put the food in it.

If there are a lot of guests at your place taking showers, it can be good to wait 10 minutes between showers to let drains work well if they are slow.

Do not flush cotton, hair, wet wipes or swabs in the toilet, as they do not dissolve and clog it.

The housekeeping tips above might be enough to keep you away of any plumbing issues during the holiday season as you host guests. If you still need any help with a plumbing emergency, our professional plumbers will be able to help you no matter the day or time. Do not leave small plumbing problems unattended as they can turn into bigger, more expensive ones.

For any domestic or commercial plumbing job, we can provide you with an efficient, reliable, affordable service. We deliver great customer service, our team has up to date training and our vehicles are equipped with all spare parts so that we can finish the job on the day. We have been providing quality service throughout Melbourne and surrounding areas for many years, using modern technology and best industry practices.

Contact professional plumbers today, we can tell you about today’s specials and interest free plans. Remember to schedule a time for a plumbing system regular maintenance to guarantee it is running smooth and safely. Call us today.

Looking for Plumber Melbourne? 23 hour plumber is your friendly propinquity plumbing team, providing a limit of services including everything from drain cleaning to repairing leaks and hot water systems. We purpose not only to hastily fix your problem but also to advise you about how best to keep your pipes and drains fully functional, which can save you big money in the future. Our reliable plumbers in Melbourne contemplate every job a plumbing emergency.

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We are local plumbers in Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane providing plumbing services for home and commercial needs. Our expert plumbers have been delivering the best Plumbing services for over 10 years! Call us now 1300 070 399.

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Author: Michael Allan

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