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Guide to Tree Stump Removal

Author: Nick Williams
by Nick Williams
Posted: Feb 25, 2015
tree stump Once you have chopped off a tree in your yard or got it cut down professionally, an unsightly stump remains behind. Tree stumps soon become eyesores as they mar the rolling beauty of a lawn or garden. It looks even worse when weeds or plants start sprouting from it and can become a tripping hazard as well.

However, removing a stump is not as simple or straightforward as felling a tree. The roots may be thick and widespread or go deep into the ground, making the job very laborious and complicated.

Following are the common ways in which tree owners remove stumps on their own:

Dig out: Digging up a tree stump manually is possible only for small trees with shallow roots. Keep digging around the stump until you completely uncover the roots before chopping them off bit by bit.

Use a grinder: You can hire a stump grinder and let it shred the stump and roots away. However, the grinder is a risky equipment. You have to operate it carefully and wear protective gear to shield yourself from the fly-away chips and debris.

Chemicals: Chemical stump killers are available in the market. You have to drill a series of holes on the stump and pour the chemical into them. The chemical will speed up the decomposition process, but still takes 4-6 weeks to make the stump completely rotted and spongy. After which, the stump can be easily chopped or burnt away. You need to handle the chemical with care.

Fire: Some people prefer to burn away a tree stump by building a fire of scrap wood around it. This takes a long time and you need to keep adding wood until the whole thing has burnt away. Check with the local officials if you are allowed to burn or not.

A better option is to hire professionals that can undertake tree stump removal in Northwest Arkansas. You may think you are saving money by removing a tree stump yourself, but hiring the machinery or various tools (axe, chainsaw, shovel, drill machine, etc.) can prove to be more expensive. Not to mention the protracted time and effort involved in doing the job yourself.

Moreover, Northwest Arkansas is populated by oaks, cedars and maples which have big, wide and deep root systems. You need to cut down the trunk as much as possible and level it before grinding or burning, which is not an easy task either. Clearing up the debris becomes an additional problem.

Hiring the pros

If you opt for professional tree stump removal in Northwest Arkansas, they will get a stump grinder to your site and expertly grind away the stump and roots completely. An experienced technician can remove a stump in an hour while it may take you three hours or even more. They will clear away the ground-up stump as well (may be charged additionally by some tree removal companies).

The cost of professional stump removal will depend on:

  • Diameter – Some companies charge stump removal based on the diameter of the stump.
  • Age – An older stump is easier to remove. If the stump is rotting, it makes the task even simpler and cheaper.
  • Roots – Pine trees have flat and shallow roots while oaks go long and deep into the ground. The latter are tougher and thus, more expensive to remove.
  • Soil – The cost will be higher for stumps growing in rocky soil.

Professional tree stump removal may cost you a little more than doing it on your own. However, you are ensured a quick, safe, precise, and efficient job!

Which method is best for removing a tree stump? Share your views below.
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The author is an expert in tree service provider in Northwest Arkansas region. He has vast knowledge in tree care, tree removal, maintenance and trimming services.

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