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Activated Alumina Balls – Used As a Desiccant

Author: Viraj Gandhi
by Viraj Gandhi
Posted: Feb 25, 2015
alumina balls

Transportation is a very important part of the modern business requirement and while transporting something from one place to another, this needs to be taken care of that the product is in hygienic condition and no chances of getting damaged are there. But the moisture and the impurities present in the nature will most probably spoil the product. Best way to prevent this problem is to use desiccants. Activated alumina balls are considered as the most effective desiccant for absorbing moisture and water vapors especially, for the purification of air.

These activated balls are made of aluminum oxide. The compound is heated at a high temperature and after that the balls are produced from that. There are certain specifications or characteristics of these balls that make them distinguished from others. Those attributes are that these balls are odorless, non-toxic, insoluble in water and do not contain any taste as well and these characteristics make these balls an ideal choice for absorption purpose in petrochemical and acid industry. This is the reason this desiccant is helpful for drying out cracked gas, ethylene, propylene, hydrogen and others. More so, this desiccant has the ability to absorb the polluted materials, present in the compound such as; hydrogen sulphide, sulphur oxide, hydrogen fluoride. The process, through which the balls are manufactured, is called dehydroxylation from aluminum hydroxide. The enticing fact about these balls is that they are available in different types of sizes which make them perfect for different purposes and you can opt for your preferred size of these activated balls as per your industrial requirements. Alumina balls are the perfect desiccant where higher level of absorption power is required and this is the reason, those are used for air drying processes. It is also used as air dryers for refrigerated, compressed, heater and non heated air.

Your search for activated alumina balls will come to a desired end at Sorbead India. We provide all the varieties of these activated balls and you can opt for the required specification as per your preferences. We have been manufacturing and supplying these balls for over years and in different corners in the world. Our experience provides you with the right desiccant for any of your needs.

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Viraj Gandhi is an expert in adsorbents and desiccants products.He regularly writing articles on activated alumina balls.These products used in industrial purpose and other applications.

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Author: Viraj Gandhi

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