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A Jersey Shore Vein Centeron Different Vein Disease Conditions

Author: Iack Sparrow
by Iack Sparrow
Posted: Feb 26, 2015

How much do you know about vein disease and its associated conditions? Scientistsat the Centers for Disease Control state thatnearly half of the adult population in the United States has some kind of venous disease. If so many people are affected by vein disease, why are so many people still in the dark about these conditions? Dr. Owano Pennycooke and his caringteam at New Jersey Vein & Laser Center understand the impact problem veins can have on patients. Continue reading to learn more about some the most common forms of vein diseasein order to arm yourself against these conditions.

What do Jersey Shore residents need to know about vein diseaseand related conditions?

When veins succumb to disease, circulation suffers. Healthy veins return used blood back up to the heart and lungs to be replenished with nutrients and oxygen so that the arteries can transport nourishing blood back out to the body. Blood stagnates inside problem veins, causing a number of unwanted side effects and potentially dangerous complications. It is important to familiarize yourself with the various conditions that affect the veins so that you can take the necessary steps for prevention and know when to seek treatment.

The most common and certainly the most visible warning signs of vein disease are varicose and spider veins. You are likely already very familiar with these unsightly abnormal surface veins, and you may already have some on your legs or ankles. Don’t worry too much if you have them, because while they aren’t attractive, they aren’t normally considered a medical concern. However, many people experience symptomatic effects from varicose veins such as throbbing or aching. Whether you want to remove problem veins for cosmetic reasons or due to their bothersome symptoms, spider and varicose vein treatment in Jersey Shorecan benefit your circulatory health and overall wellbeing.

As previously mentioned, spider and varicose veins are merely a symptom of vein disease. The condition that causes varicosities is called venous insufficiency. This condition occurs due to a malfunctioning of the one-way valves inside the veins. When the valves don’t work, your veins are unable to pump sufficient amounts of blood out of the vein and, instead, cause blood to pool inside the abnormal vein. The aftermath is seen as varicose and spider veins when venous insufficiency affects the veins near the skin surface, but deep leg veins can be affected too. OurJersey Shore vein centeris well equipped with the latest tools and most advanced techniques for detecting and treating the source of venous insufficiency.

One of the more worrisome vein disease conditions is deep vein thrombosis (DVT). DVT is not as common as venous insufficiency, yet it is still a cause for concern. This condition occurs when a blood clot forms inside the deep leg veins. The clot might remain attached to the vein wall and inhibit circulation, which can cause swelling, tenderness, and feverish skin. If the clot breaks away from the vein wall, it can travel through the blood stream up to the major organs. When this happens, the risk is high for having a pulmonary embolism, stroke, or heart attack. This condition is a medical emergency, but it can be prevented and treated at avein clinic in Monmouth County.

For more information about these or other vein disease conditions, or if you wish to make an appointment with us forvein disease treatment in Monmouth County, visit our website at

Author Bio: Experts from a Vein Center Jersey Shore and Jersey Shore Vein Treatment describe some of the common vein disease conditions.
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