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A Simple Guide to Buying Surgical Magnifying Loupes

Author: Ergonop Tix
by Ergonop Tix
Posted: Mar 04, 2015

With the correct choices, medical professionals can improve work performance noticeably by using magnifying loupes and lights. Surgical Loupes enhance the quality and efficiency of the work flow as they allow one a clearer vision and an ergonomically correct posture. There are different types of medical loupes available hence the need to look at certain aspects before purchasing your new loupes.

One aspect to consider is the choice of frame (i.e. the cost, function and design). Frames are usually designed according to function. Therefore it would be misleading to just consider the design appeal while overlooking other factors. Plastic safety frames for example can be very appealing and offer better all-round protection, are more stable but can barely be adjusted. Metal frames on the other hand are not as stable and though they seem to be well adjusted they can sometimes go out of fine adjustment. Normally frames designed according to their specific function tend to be stable and can be easily adjusted by the technical manufacturer’s representatives to fit the user’s individual needs. ErgonoptiX offer a wide range of frames (both metal spectacle, and plastic safety style frames), specifically designed for use with Surgical Loupes. Stability and comfort are a main priority.

High quality optics offer high resolution and are free of color distortion. ErgonoptiX lenses are made of high index glass so as to reduce the weight. The use of quality lens coatings tends to eliminate reflections by increasing transmission of light hence producing a brighter image. The user can clearly see the difference when trying on different brands of loupes. Therefore any buyer who wants to buy loupes and ensure they use quality lenses should look for the manufacturer’s name which is usually printed on the loupe.

The width and depth of the field is another important factor that a user or buyer looking for medical magnifying loupes should consider. Field width and depth refers to the size of the operating site when viewed through the loupes. High quality surgical loupes manufacturers such as ErgonoptiX endeavor to provide users with lens with the best combinations of features. The new micro Galilean Loupes (introduced by ErgonoptiX in Jan 2015) offer and extremely wide and deep field of vision, in very small, lightweight loupes.

Tip: users under the age of forty tend to experience a larger depth of field as their eyes have not yet lost their ability to accommodate images (ability to focus at a closer range). This process may be delayed for a myopic person but in case the user does not use prescription glasses normally, it is advised to ensure the loupes operate at the precise needed working distance.

It is also important for users to purchase surgical loupes from a dealer who can provide after sales service, in case some adjustments or changes are needed after the purchase.

ErgonoptiX provide world wide support for all their medical loupes and headlamps, including countries without a local dealer.

There are other aspects important for the final choice of your new loupes. A more extensive guide can be found on the ErgonoptiX website (

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