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A real friend during an emergency - ultimate bug out bag

Author: Alison Reid
by Alison Reid
Posted: Mar 06, 2015

Emergencies come unannounced and you have to be best prepared for it. A good way to ensure that you do not fret in anxiety on basic sustenance is to have your ultimate bug out bag ready. This bag has many other popular names too, for example, the 72-hour kit, BOB, Go bag, grab bag, battle box and so on. The prepper supplies would depend on what place you are heading to in case of an impending disaster but should contain certain basic essentials to survive. It is although your strategy of survival that decides what to carry along and what not, yet, here is an objective list as a help.

The ultimate bug out bag comes in handy when you are suddenly faced with a situation. It is impossible to pack up things of utility when you have danger breathing down your neck. Hence, keeping the basic essentials ready always serves you good. Pack for a tenure of three days to a longer span. There are specification on how much water to carry, differing from place to place. For example, here in USA, the limit to carry water is a gallon per day. If carrying so much of water seems impossible, you can also consider carrying iodine capsules, pans to boil water, etc. in the prepper supplies.

Second comes the first aid kit. This is an absolute must have in your prepper supplies. Medical emergencies in an crisis situation cannot be overlooked and need immediate attention. Hence, make a list of the important things to keep in a first aid box. Do not forget to pack in your personal medication. Consider the place where you are heading on evacuate and the genre of emergency. That is, if the place is facing any natural calamity like earthquake, carry medical assistant supplements that stand apt for such a place. Keep the medical supplements handy in the ultimate bug out bag.

Other than the above stated two things, you also need to carry money, battery chargers for your electronic items, important and relevant documents, identification documents, a good knife, strong ropes, stationeries, basic clothes and so on in the ultimate bug out bag. The main advantages of availing such bags are that they are light in weight, easy to maintain, durable, do not cost a bomb and in fact are within budget. While the prepper supplies also include food, carry as much dry food products as possible be it in cans or zip lock pouches along with you.

Buying an ultimate bug out bag is easy today. Online availability of these bags makes it easy for anybody across the globe to buy them. It is not necessary that you only need to have prepper supplies when you are inching towards a place that has met a natural disaster. At home too in day-to-day life, we all should have such emergency supplies ready because we never know when what emergency can strike. Keep them in an accessible place and use them only when any such situation arises. It is important to be a little agile to combat emergencies. A beforehand preparation keeps us guarded, as prevention indeed is better than cure.

Be on the safe side, keep a good store of prepper supplies ( ). To combat emergency situations effectively keep an ultimate bug out bag ( ) always ready.

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