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The Traditional Significance of Hijama Cupping Therapy

Author: Pbuh Medicine
by Pbuh Medicine
Posted: Mar 07, 2015

There have been cases where traditional methods have overcome modern medicine and have shown results in healing. One such method is the hijama cupping therapy by which blood circulation is improved by means of cupping and activates the function of the organs.

Both modern and traditional medicines work under the same principle – healing. While modern medicine involves application of health science, modern medical; technology, and biomedical research, for the diagnosis and treatment of the diseases, traditional medicine operates on the singular or multiple approaches to maintain overall wellbeing. Traditional methods utilize herbal means, massage therapies, and exercises, the traditional methods include treatments using capsules, surgical procedures, and years of thorough research which brings 100 percent accuracy and precision. Although both treatments share the same goal, it varies in the most important and major aspects.

One should not forget that the contribution of traditional medicine has been immense and has a major hand in shaping the modern medicine that we are enjoying. Today we live in a world, where there are new diseases as well as new medications for it. There are situations, where people have failed to respond to the most advanced techniques, yet have found great comfort in healing through the methods of years old traditional healing. Every community has their specific beliefs and practices which yields better results that modern surgery or medicines. One such treatment is Hijama.

An Arabic word meaning sucking/vacuum, Hijama, is also known as cupping because cups are used as therapeutic tools. This practice forms an integral part of body maintenance and health promotion of the Islamic Prophetic Medicine. It is one of the safe, economical, and non-evasive ways of preventing numerous diseases like heart attack, stroke, heart failure, cancer and all such related diseases that are linked to poor blood circulation. Since we are involved in a fast past and unhealthy lifestyle, the therapy is helpful in removing impurities, reduce pain, increase blood circulation, and produce new healthier blood. It is also helpful in treating disorders, respiratory, digestive, and some gynecological disorders.

It has been believed that The Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), used to practice this natural therapy in his lifetime, and is also supported by extensive hadith. He had mentioned that "if there is something excellent to be used as a remedy then it is cupping (hijama)".

It should be ensured that the therapies are performed under the experts who have some experience about this. The best part about this therapy is that besides the physical benefits, is also helps to strengthen one’s love for Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH). Although this is performed by the Muslims, but there are people who are gaining benefits from this therapy. With a choice between wet cupping (hijama), and dry cupping, it is very useful to improve overall health, and treat clinical manifestations. Go ahead and experience the benefits of hijama cupping therapy and maintain general wellbeing in your life.

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The author is a reputed specialist of Hijama Cupping Therapy. She has been practicing it for more than 12 years. She bears a sound knowledge in this field.

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