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Major Causes Of Hear Loss

Author: Audio Recovery
by Audio Recovery
Posted: Oct 08, 2013

Nowadays hear loss is becoming a common problem. It can develop at any time, either gradually or accidentally. There are people who do not realize the problem for several years thus are greatly affected by the hearing loss. Hearing loss not only influence the individual but also the people around him. There are cases where friends and family members recognize the problem of hearing loss before the patient. There are many reasons that are responsible for hearing loss. These major causes of hear losses are listed below:

  • Long term exposure to noise

The most common cause responsible for hearing loss is the exposure to noise. It can affect at any age and often develops gradually over the years.

  • Age

As a person grows old, the nerve and cells of the inner ear undergo changes leading to hear the loss. The loss could be mild or severe but will be always permanent.

There are other causes also due to which hear loss occurs:

  • Hear loss due to earwax build up is quite common and can be treated easily.
  • Antibiotics and other substances like lead, manganese, mercury, tin, and arsenic can damage the ear.
  • Any injury of either head or ear may lead to sudden hear loss.
  • Any ear infection such as middle ear infection or any infection of the ear canal.
  • Fluid in the ear after traveling on an airplane or after flu or cold.
  • Otosclerosis’ disease, which mainly affects, the middle ear and mainly tiny shape ears leading to gradual hear loss.
  • Another cause may be acoustic neuroma; it is a type of non cancerous tumor that helps in hearing.
  • A disorder of the inner ear that can variably affect the hearing is often known as Meniere’s disease.
  • There are many non cancerous growths in the ear canal which may include osteoma, glomus and exostosis tumors. Out of these three, osteoma and glomus are non cancerous tumor, whereas exostosis is the growth of bones that often develops when the ear is repeatedly exposed to cold air or water. All these can cause hear loss blocking the ear canal. Only glomus tumor occurs in the head, but it can adversely affect hearing.

Besides these, there are other medical conditions that may not affect the ear directly but may lead to loss of hearing. These are listed below:

  • Because of heart disease, diabetes, stroke and high blood pressure, there may occur interruption in the flow of blood to the inner ear or other related parts of the brain that usually controls hearing, thus leading to hear loss.
  • Autoimmune hearing loss may occur in one or both ears. This disease may come and go, or there may be chances that it gets worse within 3 or 4 months.

Moreover, hearing loss could also be inherited. If a family has a dominant gene for hear loss it will pass on across the generations to come, it will occur even if it is inbred from only one parent.

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